Fallout 4 Cheat Codes and Console Commands for Pc

Release dates for Bethesda games are the only times where the tilde key () has any significance at all. PC users of Fallout 4 have access to a wide variety of cheat commands that can improve or hinder their gaming experience by activating the in-game console.

We’ve prepared a list of all the current console commands in Fallout 4 and what they do for you in our hacks guide. Should you require assistance with anything other than console commands, though, our Fallout 4 guides walkthrough site has you covered with articles on how to complete quests and explore places, as well as tips on where to find secret weapons and other goodies.

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Tutorial on Invoking Fallout 4’s Console Functions

Simply pressing the tilde key () on your keyboard (it’s to the left of the number “1” on most keyboards) will open Fallout 4’s in-game console. In the event that the tilde key doesn’t function, some keyboards may require the apostrophe key instead.

When the tilde is tapped, a command terminal appears in the game’s lower half, also colored dark grey. You can do a lot of different things in the game by using these console commands. Allies and foes can be dispatched in an instant, players can stock up on resources, and god mode is available.

Some of these commands may completely alter the game, so be careful. For your own protection, make a backup copy of your work before running any of these commands. Slang for “enjoy yourself”

PC Console Commands for Fallout 4

The following entries describe the console command and its result. Remember that the braces are optional when typing this into the console.

  • tgm – Put on God mode if you want to be completely impervious to harm.
  • tcl – There will be no physical contact with anything. You can teleport through walls and other obstacles.
  • tai – Puts an end to artificial intelligence. Causes everyone to freeze in place, expressionless.
  • tcai – Combat AI is disabled. Peace on Earth, at last!
  • killall – Eliminates all life in the region save for the player characters, who will collapse to the ground and require a stimpak if they were hit.
  • kill [insert ID] – Take out the monster with the given ID.
  • resurrect [insert ID] – brings the specified creature back to life.
  • setgs fJumpHeightMin [insert number] – Gives players the option to adjust their vertical leap by the entered value. Larger values cause greater elevation gains. Even with god mode, high jumps will still kill you due to fall damage.
  • player.setav speedmult [insert number] – Your base running speed is multiplied by the entered value.
  • player.forceav carryweight [insert number] – Boost the given number of times the maximum load. No longer will you feel burdened down.
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Fallout 4 Cheat Codes
Fallout 4 Cheat Codes
  • setscale [insert number from 1 to 10] – Scales up your intended victim—or you—by the specified amount. As you can see in the accompanying screenshot, using this command makes everything enormous.
  • tfc – Turns on the Flycam, which may be used to take stunning screenshots from above.
  • tm – Turns the user interface and heads-up display on and off. Unfortunately, this command also hides the command prompt. To access the user interface again, simply press the tilde key and type “tm” again. Together with the prior command, this allows you to take screenshots without the display shows.
  • sexchange – Naturally, this alters your character’s sexual orientation. Sadly, it appears that any face and hair modifications you made will be lost when you change back to the original avatar. A precautionary save should be made before attempting this command.

player.additem [insert item ID] [insert number] – This is the formula for issuing a command to increase stock by the specified amount. As long as you know the item ID, you can use this method with any product. Consider these two cases:

  • player.additem 0000000f 2500 – Increases your stock of Bottlecaps by 2500 (change the desired quantity).
  • player.additem 0000000a 2500 – Grants the gamer access to 2500 additional Bobby Pins (again, change the quantity).

coc qasmoke – The player is transported to a surreal dreamscape where a wall of boxes holds every item in the game. Along with the numerous workbenches, there is also a range of Power Armors.

Even while there is no way to quickly leave this strange realm, you can put this time to good use by learning the item IDs needed for various tasks. Launch the game’s control panel and use the mouse to right-click on an object to reveal its ID. When used in conjunction with the preceding command, this one can be quite helpful.

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set timescale to [insert number] – Capable of altering the passage of time’s speed or slowness. Real-time is set at 1, while the game defaults at 16. If the number is negative, then time probably moves more slowly.

tdetect – Having this effect causes artificial intelligence to stop picking you up. Fantastic for those who like to steal wallets.

player.setav [skill] [number] – Raise a skill’s value by the specified amount. When you type “player.setav charisma 10,” for instance, your charisma will immediately grow by 10 points.

player.setlevel [insert number] – Obtain the indicated level for your character.

caqs – Doing so will end the main storyline immediately after finishing the primary mission. Beware, this will ruin the game for everyone. If you insist on using this function, do so at your own peril, and maybe on a fresh character after you’ve beaten the game.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there cheat codes in Fallout 4?

By entering the console cheat "coc qasmoke," players can gain entrance to a secret area reserved for the game's developers. Once entered, the code transports the player to a secret town square filled with every type of Power Armor and containers stocked with every type of weapon, junk, and item in the game.

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How do I use Fallout 4 command codes?

In Fallout 4, how do you input commands? Open the developer console in Fallout 4 to access the game's commands. To achieve this, simply press the tilde () key, which is situated beneath the Esc key and to the left of the 1 key on a standard American English keyboard.

How do I get unlimited ammo in Fallout 4?

The prototype Up77 Limitless Potential laser weapon is stored in the hidden laboratory. It can hold an infinite number of bullets. Make sure your Science Perk is high so you can modify it to your liking (there's a weapons bench here). With an infinite magazine, you'll never have to waste time reloading.



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