Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Gain and Use Praise?

Since Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty features several advanced methods, players can anticipate using many currencies. Gems are used for embeds, whereas copper is used for upgrades, making both relatively easy to understand.

Yet, players who keep their eyes peeled will realize that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty rewards them with a special recognition award at various moments. Initially, they have no effect. Thus players might not see the point in gathering them. Nonetheless, certain players should always be on the lookout for more recognition.

How To Get Accolades?

Please return the favor to a fallen player by eliminating their killer. Keep an eye out for adversaries whose morale rating is surrounded by purple fire.

To put it another way, the enemy has just committed a murder. An assassination of that foe will serve as vengeance for the fallen hero. These kills award a fixed number of plaudits proportional to the monster’s difficulty.

Players familiar with the concept of morale and fortitude in video games know that foes gain a bit of toughness after defeating other players, usually one entire morale point higher. But, in most cases, the potential benefit justifies the danger. An uncommon currency can be obtained if players can kill the designated target.

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How To Use Accolades?

  • Don’t let “In Search of the Immortal Wizard” win in the third installment.
  • Have a chat with Zuo Chi in the Hidden Village.
  • Choose “Accolade Reward” as your incentive of choice.
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Zuo Chi, you can now spend your rewards at the Hidden Village. Players can also acquire respect for their existing build in the exact location. He provides a wide selection of goods. Some people would view it as a personal challenge to achieve every one of the motions.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Gain and Use Praise?
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Gain and Use Praise?

In addition to praise, Zuo Chi provides mysterious weaponry and armor. Similarly to gambling on the outcomes of individual missions to complete a particular build, players can take a chance on the game’s development differently.

Gamers can choose an item category, like “leg armor” or “dual swords,” and cross their fingers that they get the proper component. The risk will pay off in the end, even if it takes a while. You can now buy Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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