Overwatch 2’s DualSense Edge Will Revolutionize the Game

Sony has officially updated the DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5. Those prepared to shell out some serious cash for the flashy attachment will probably be happy with its many capabilities.

Players can change the analog settings for various games, replace the sticks for more comfort, add a few extra back buttons, and adjust their triggers and back buttons. Every single benefit of DualSense Edge can improve almost any gaming experience, but they stand out for Overwatch 2.

With the ability to customize everything from crosshairs to button layouts for certain heroes, Overwatch 2 boasts some of the most robust configuration options in professional gaming. One of the main reasons the DualSense Edge is such a benefit for Overwatch 2 players on the PlayStation 5 is that button layout tweaks allow players to use specific hero abilities more rapidly in the heat of a fight.

DualSense Edge
                                                                           DualSense Edge

The DualSense Edge will undoubtedly give PS5 users a competitive edge over other PlayStation users, even though it may not provide players the same benefit as playing on a PC.

Improving Your Overwatch 2 Gameplay With DualSense Edge

The back buttons on the controller are, without a doubt, the DualSense Edge’s most significant advantage. The ability to link two hero powers to these buttons is essential, regardless of the design players opt for.

These buttons are placed close to where the player is holding the controller, allowing them to instantly push them to activate an ability without having to move their hands or wait a moment between actions.

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Players can, for example, transfer Mercy’s Guardian Angel and the jump button to the rear of their controller to make it simpler for the hero to move around freely on the console while also getting boosted and healed. If players find it more comfortable, her heels and damage increase can also be driven to the rear buttons.

DualSense Edge
                                                                     DualSense Edge

The back buttons are helpful even if players are accustomed to Overwatch 2’s standard DualSense configuration. Players may swiftly emote after a guaranteed Play of the Game or quickly enter the chat to ask a teammate to switch heroes by placing items like the emote wheel or chat access into these slots.

Players can do whatever they wish with these slots, even though it makes more sense to utilize them for movement abilities like Pharah’s flight or game-changing abilities like Orisa’s Javelin Spin. For Overwatch 2 heroes like Widowmaker, who depend on accuracy, the DaulSense Edge’s stick customization is a terrific tool.

Players can add Precise mode to their Overwatch 2 controller configuration to make carefully aiming more manageable. This will allow them quickly flick to targets’ heads without traveling too far or not far enough. As an alternative, they can try Dynamic mode with a character like Tracer, who they want to aim with accuracy while maintaining rapid camera movement.

Comfortability is a clear benefit of the DualSense Edge. Having more comfortable triggers is crucial for characters like Winston or Brigitte, where players must always hold down the right motivation. The L2 and R2 buttons on the Edge feel better in hand and let gamers choose how far the buttons travel when pressed.

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While having good triggers may feel fantastic for characters who utilize guns, such as Cassidy, heroes like Kiriko can feel better with a few rapid button presses. The back grip is excellent for enhancing comfort throughout prolonged competitive sessions.

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The PlayStation 5 fanbase of Overwatch 2 should consider the controller seriously if they want a competitive edge because stick dead zones and extensive trigger customization are DualSense Edge settings, too.

It is expensive and won’t compensate for a lack of talent, but it can help with hero movement, quick access to skills in the middle of battle, and precision. Adopters of the DualSense Edge have the perfect game for checking out the gadget because Overwatch 2’s PvE mode is guaranteed to include skills worth mapping to the back buttons, too.

On the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, Overwatch 2 is currently accessible.

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