‘Advance Booking’ A New Marketing Tool Filmmakers

In case you are a movie lover and prefer to watch movies on their first day, this article is for you as we have shared our opinion on how a new marketing tool for movies in the industry is working and converting into an incredible box-office collection for movies from big-banners featuring superstars. The new marketing tool in question here is ‘advance booking’. In the recent period, you might have noticed that advance booking for every movie from big production houses featuring A-grade actors starts a month prior to their release dates. Now moviegoers are not required to wait till the movie’s theatrical release date to book a movie ticket as advance booking starts a month in advance, in some cases even six weeks in advance. Continue reading this article and go through it till the end. Drag down the page.


Even though India remains a market driven by walk-ins or impulsive ticket buying, advance bookings, as a marketing tool that helps movie makers raise the decibels of their other marketing efforts on television show appearances, print, and digital advertising to build buzz and anticipation for the film in India and overseas. A report says the promotions of the film actually help bring in nearly 30-40 percent of total box office collections. However, no one can easily sideline word-of-mouth for the content of the film unless the movie features a superstar with a huge fan following.

The Chief Executive Officer of Cinepolis India Devang Sampat said, “Advance bookings have become a prominent trend in the Indian film industry, and are a helpful tool for both cinema owners and producers to gauge the audience’s interest in a film. In India, there is a strong correlation between highly anticipated films and advance bookings. Opening advance bookings (in the case of big films) early can be particularly beneficial, as it allows for adjustment of show schedules based on the initial response,”

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Tickets for the film can be booked in advance ahead of their theatrical release through online platforms such as BookMyShow and Paytm but the tickets are not available in-person in cinemas during this period. Kindly note that advance booking dates are only decided by cinema owners and producers. Promotions are done on social media by the studios and featuring actors, particularly on Twitter and Instagram. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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