”Day Not Far When Pojk Will Be Merged With India Again” Says General VK Singh

On Sunday, October 1, 2023, the former Army Chief General VK Singh who is currently the Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation attended a Tiranga Rally For PoK in the national capital organized by a nationalist Muslim organization, the Muslim National Forum, where he gave a big statement that the day when PoK will be included in India again is not far. VK Singh’s statement over PoK must have caused a stir in the neighborhood but it is also vigorously trending on social media as well where netizens have been proudly sharing and putting his speech on their stories. If you are scrambling to the web, regarding the same, stick with this page and go through it till the end.

Gen VK Singh

Former Army Chief Says PoK Will Be Included In India Very Soon

The Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation, VK Singh asserted that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir will be a part of India again and that day is not far. This statement was made by former Army Chief VK Singh in Delhi during a Tiranga Rally For PoK. During this occasion, the former army chief said that we should understand that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir was our land and would remain ours. He went on to say that no one else could take our land from us.  “It is important that we understand that PoK was our land, will remain ours and no one else will be able to occupy it,” said Singh.

VK Singh who was army chief prior to taking oath as the Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation, said the British conspired it, whereas there was no way that Pakistan could capture our land. Furthermore, he added that the day when the desire and awareness will eventually arise among the people living there to join us and leave them, is not far. Singh said, “The day is not [far] when this desire and [awareness] will automatically arise among the people there, and…will again leave them and join us,”

BJP Blames Congress For PoK

Senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar during the Tiranga Rally for PoK that kicked start from the Red Fort, said it was a mistake of the former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and then government that led Pakistan to capture the land. “At the time of partition, today’s PoK was in India. Due to the mistakes of the government of that time, it remained under the control of Pakistan. At that time, the Congress government and Pandit Nehru got trapped in the maze of the British in such a way that these mistakes happened,” said the RSS leader.

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