‘I Defy You To Show Me Discrimination Says S Jaishankar on Questioned on minority rights in India

There has been a question raised on minority rights in India. This question has been recently after Canada made an allegation to the government of India in the involvement of killing the Kahlistani terrorist Harpreet Singh Nijjar. In the reply to this allegation, S Jayshankar gave a very hard reply which has shut the mouth of the Canadian people. And now he also given a great reply on the question of minority rights in India. In reply, he said that he defied them to show him discrimination. He gave this reply on 29th September 2023, Friday. To know the entire answer to the question read this whole article.

S Jaishankar

According to the reports, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar was questioned on 29th September 2023, Friday about the status of minorities in India which is under the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) government. In question he was asked, What is the test really of fair and good governance or the balance of a society? In which Jaishankar gave a very hard reply, he said, In terms of the amenities, the benefits the access, the rights, In which do you discriminate or not and if every single society in this entire world at the point. There has been some little discrimination on this basis. Scroll down to learn more.

S Jayshankar said that if people start looking at India right now it is a society where there is a tremendous change which is taking a great place. There is a biggest chance that is happening right now in India, there is the creation of a social welfare system in this society which is less than USD 3,000 per capita income. He further said that he defied them to show him the discrimination. Even we are becoming digital every single day and there is more faceless governance has become.

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S Jaishankar further claimed that he emphasized the Bhartiya Jayanta Party (BJP) government has paid a lot of attention to these big issues of the Sikh community. All the people are aware of the amount of attention that which BJP government has paid to the issues of the Sikh community. he said that this has happened in the last 10 years. He doesn’t believe at all that the discussion that is taking a good place is representative of issues of the Sikh community. The people who are talking about terrorism are the separatist people. He said that the government should take big action against those people who are doing violence right now.

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