Our Team

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Chirag Dhariya: SEO Executive

Hey there, guys. I am chirag. I enjoy writing on topics related to my interests in gaming and technology. My work has attracted a dedicated fan base thanks to the fresh and unexpected angle I bring to each piece.

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Stefan: Content Editor 

Stefan enjoys experimenting with many genres. Her interests span a variety of subjects, from games to tech news to entertainment news.

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Mike: Content creator 

Mike, the content creator for Techballad, has built a solid reputation for himself over the course of more than ten years of blogging. Mike is a talented content writer and marketer. She consistently produces informative articles that appeal to a wide readership.

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Riyana Taylor: Content writer

Riyana Taylor is a writer with a lot of energy and originality. She revels in the opportunity to broaden her horizons and take on multiple responsibilities at once. In addition, she enjoys writing about a variety of subjects, including entertainment, sports, and lifestyle.

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Mariya D: Journalist 

Mariya has the spirit of an ancient person A person who has a strong desire to discover new things and expand their knowledge, as well as someone who is drawn to exciting experiences and enjoyable music.

Jessa Martin is a contributor to the gameempress where she primarily writes about games and other news. Besides these roles, she is a career consultant, developmental editor, and writing coach. She has contributed to publications such as Yahoo, HuffPost, Spoon University, Buzzfeed, The Date Mix, and Food & Wine.