Stream Games Directly On Discord: Option Available To Connect Xbox And Discord Accounts

Finally, the matter of great happiness is taking place for all the Xbox users, who were impatiently waiting to get an enhancement from the company and now finally their wait is going to get over. Yeah, you heard right, recently, an announcement came out in which the management announced that now Xbox users can stream the game on Discord while enjoying in the bunch. As initially it was not allowed but now the privilege is coming to set the fire. So below you can explore further information you need to know.

Connect Xbox And Discord Accounts

As per the exclusive reports or sources, initially, Discord allowed its user to share chat or calls but now, the users can share their screens while playing the game or streaming the way they want there would not be a single restriction impose ahead. In short, the company decided in favor of its users as their work has been turned easier in a certain manner they had not even imagined but it happened which is a matter of great happiness as now they will not have to face any trouble in the future.

How to stream Xbox Games on Discord

Now, the question is how to stream Xbox games on Discord. So the company has liberated a few steps which are needed to be followed if you want to share your screens these steps are not as hard as it sounds so just take a chill pill and look at the steps so that, you can connect with your game partner easily the way you want at the time of sharing the screen which will give you the amazing experience in a certain manner because if you miss a single step so you will not be able to share the screen so check them wisely.

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So, first of all, the Xbox users will need to correlate their Xbox and Discord accounts via Discord on a smartphone or desktop. Then go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Connections, where you’ll see the column to attach the Xbox and Discord accounts. Following this process, return to Discord on Xbox and look for the option to “Stream your game” when sitting in a Discord Server or DM. After doing all these you will be able to share the screen in a particular way and you will also get fun.

Overall, after taking a long break finally the wishes of thousands of Xbox users turned into reality as the company connected the platforms in a certain manner. So here we have dropped everything along with the step which will help you to make your work a bit easier. While following these steps you will get what you were waiting for. Stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Techballad.

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