Where To Find Each Yoisa Shop In One Piece Odyssey?

Throughout the vast realms of various chapters of One Piece Odyssey, it may be tough to track down Yoisa Shops, where players may spend their hard-earned Berries on goods that grant substantial bonuses to character stats.

In One Piece, players travel to exotic locales like the bustling streets of Dressrosa and the arid settlements of Alabasta, both of which will be instantly recognizable to fans of the series.  Thanks to the addition of the mysterious island Waford to the game’s story, there are many locations where players can look for Yoisa Shop proprietors.

The four sites where Yoisa shops can be found in the game are marked on the player’s map with a special symbol that corresponds to one of the creatures they’ve met on Waford. In certain chapters, the player will visit Alabasta, Water 7, Waford, and Dressrosa, all of which have Yoisa Shops.

Since players will return to Waford several times as they level up, the Yoisa Shops there will eventually sell unique products. The player’s map, which divides the islands referenced in One Piece Odyssey’s story parts into distinct regions, makes it simple to keep track of where these markets are located.

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Where To Find Each Yoisa Shop In One Piece Odyssey
Where To Find Each Yoisa Shop In One Piece Odyssey

Every Yoisa Shop Location in One Piece Odyssey

Although most common products may be found at any Yoisa Shop, a select number sell rare or unique items that can’t be found elsewhere. One example is Jabra’s Sunglasses, which can be purchased for 220,000 Berries from the Yoisa Shop in Water 7’s Tower of Law.

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Find out the Location of Yoisa Shop in the table below:

Island Yoisa Shop Location
  • Sky Tower Purity Garden
  • Ice Block Ruins
  • Great Sandy Desert
  • Desert Near Alubarna
  • Royal Mausoleum B3F
Water 7
  • Tower of Law
  • Abandoned Factory in the City
  • Sewer
  • Dressrosa City
  • New Royal Plateau – 2nd Level

These sunglasses increase the wearer’s Attack by 597. The most costly tool players may buy from these shops costs 1,000,000 Berries, enticing them to participate in additional optional content like the numerous bounties in One Piece Odyssey. This excludes the late-game items from Waford and Dressrosa.

When exploring these areas, looking for the yellow monkey-like Yoisa creatures that run the shops can be a helpful sign of where you are in the game. In several of these marketplaces, you’ll also find other notable NPCs, such as cookware and side quest sellers. Those that seek out and locate every Yoisa Shop in One Piece Odyssey will not only have access to a wealth of powerful items but will also be in locations that offer opportunities to level up through the completion of additional content.

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