Five Ways for Becoming a Google Garden Gnome Master

The current Doodle is one that you might want to keep looking out for even after it has been demoted from its premier spot on the Google homepage, which is just for a day or two. The featured Google Doodle Garden Gnomes game is quite addicting, and it could seriously compromise your productivity on a Monday morning if you try to beat it. However, it would be well worth it to be able to say that you did.

Google’s Google Doodle on Monday was created in honor of Germany’s Garden Day, drawing attention to the strange figurines and the stories that surround them. And there’s no better way to do that than with a fun, engaging game.

Use your “trusty” catapult (more accurately, a trebuchet) to hurl clay gnomes as far as you can across a garden. “The farther your gnome travels,” Google reported, “the more flowers you plant — and the more points you earn!” Sounds easy, right? Well, there are a few strategies you can employ to maximize your score total.

Five Ways for Becoming a Google Garden Gnome Master
Five Ways for Becoming a Google Garden Gnome Master

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Get Your Timing Right

To begin the game, you’ll need to press the space bar on your keyboard to activate the catapult, and then press it again to be sent to your gnome. If you press it too quickly, your gnome will descend too soon, either behind or in front of the catapult.

With practice, you’ll learn that pressing the spacebar just after the curve’s apex gives you the optimal balance of speed and height to send your gnome hurtling across the yard.

Strategic Bouncing

When your gnome is near the ground, you can make it bounce by pressing the space bar again. The distance your gnome travels after bouncing off of items like logs and mushrooms is increased.

Choose Your Gnome Wisely

There will come a time when you can experiment with a variety of gnomes. At first, I was just given one to experiment with, but later, I was offered the choice of exploring several more. I found that the larger gnome in the end got the farthest by experimenting with different sizes and weights.

Extra Bounce

According to CNET, tapping the down arrow button in the game’s bottom right corner before your gnome touches the ground will give you, even more, bounce and distance in the Google Doodle gnome game. That’s a tactic worth trying if you need a helping hand.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s true that with practice, you can get more proficient in launching gnome targets. You’ll know exactly when to toss them, when to hit the space bar, and where to land to maximize your air time. If you practice enough, you’ll soon be able to beat the Google Doodle gnomes with ease.

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