Unwritten Guidelines for Playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Many Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans anxiously await the release of the new DLCs. Still, even months after their release, the games continue to get lots of events and gifts for players to use, and they are currently taking part in a fantastic competitive season.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, like their predecessors, have a number of fresh tricks and mechanics that players can use. At the same time, some from the past are temporarily gone, such as Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ shiny sound.

It makes sense that Gen 9 has its own unwritten rules because the game introduces a new in-game economy, a new area, and—most importantly—an open world for the first time in the series. The games contain a co-op option in addition to online support for matches, trade, and endgame activities, which at the moment only involve Tera Raid combat.

Overall, it’s safe to say that this generation of Pokemon players is the most sociable in the franchise’s history, and it only makes sense that some of the things Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players do have evolved into shared routines, from shiny hunting techniques to material farming.

Players rapidly learned that they could just switch the game off after building a sandwich, and the ingredients would still be there if they didn’t save, even though this was probably never how Herba Mystica sandwiches in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were intended to function.

Soon after, gamers began to use this technique to optimize their discoveries when seeking shiny Pokemon. Switching the game off is standard practice after players have searched for a shiny half of a Herba Mystica sandwich. This has produced some really fortunate results, with fans bragging about four or more shinies from a single sandwich.

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Unwritten Guidelines for Playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Unwritten Guidelines for Playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Since a while ago, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have included Tera Raid events, which frequently include a formidable 7-star boss that may be defeated an unlimited number of times but can only be captured once. The events, however, are frequently relatively brief, only lasting from Friday through Sunday.

As a result, players discovered a way to extend their use of them by connecting to the internet once while the event was still going on and then disabling it when it was about to stop. As long as they don’t connect to the internet, this will give players a method to go back and fight that boss whenever they want.

The Surprise exchange feature, which lets players exchange a Pokemon of their choice for another from a random trainer, is back in Generation 9. Since low-level animals that are already pretty common are frequently supplied, this frequently does not result in the recipient being satisfied with what they receive.

The infant versions of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s starters, Pokemon that are limited to a certain version, and even some shinies are notable exceptions. It is the ideal opportunity to be kind despite not knowing who would get the transaction, perhaps by giving away the young versions of Tera Raid monsters.

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Players can also tamper with their spawning when it comes to the daily Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, much as the method with Herba Mystica sandwiches. Players don’t even need to adjust the date for it to operate.

It simply requires setting the time on the Switch’s internal clock to midnight, as with previous Switch games. If they don’t want or need the Pokemon that appear on the map, they may always easily reset their Mass Outbreaks thanks to this.

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