This Year’s ‘Call of Duty’ Game From Activision Is More ‘Modern Warfare’

This year’s Call of Duty game, developed and published by Activision Blizzard Inc., will be a direct sequel to 2022’s Modern Warfare II, marking a stunning shift for the financially successful video game franchise, which for decades has produced an entirely new game every fall.

Those involved with the development of the next Call of Duty have stated that Activision wants it to feel like both a distinct, full-price game and an extension of Modern Warfare II. Maps and game modes from last year’s shooter are expected to be included in this year’s release, according to these folks, though they did add a disclaimer that this could change before the game’s fall release.

After the 2021 installment in the series underperformed, several Activision officials worried that the company was releasing new versions of the blockbuster game too quickly and ordered a number of changes to the schedule.

Studios owned by Activision, such as Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games, are responsible for creating the Call of Duty series, which has earned over $31 billion. Every few years, a different developer from that trio takes the helm of a new Call of Duty game.

Black Ops is developed by Treyarch and is based on historical events like the Cold War, while Modern Warfare is developed by Infinity Ward and is set in the contemporary day. The developer Sledgehammer has directed several standalone games, including the futuristic Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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This Year's 'Call of Duty' Game From Activision Is More 'Modern Warfare'
This Year’s ‘Call of Duty’ Game From Activision Is More ‘Modern Warfare’

According to Bloomberg, the next major Treyarch game was pushed back from 2023 to 2024 after the studio opted to delay it in the early part of 2022. This was the first year the brand went without a new mainline game in nearly two decades. After hearing this, Sledgehammer reportedly reported that Activision promised them it would create a “premium expansion” for Modern Warfare II to help make up for the shortfall. In 2022, the best-selling video game was the sequel to the October hit Modern Warfare.

The expansion started out as a full game, with plans to add a single-player campaign and multiple multiplayer maps. The new Modern Warfare game from Sledgehammer, the name of which is currently unknown but will likely not be Modern Warfare III, is expected to release this autumn, according to persons familiar with the matter who did not wish to be identified discussing an unannounced project. Activision’s Neil Wood stated that the firm has already revealed that a “premium Call of Duty game” will be released this year and that the company had “nothing new to report.”

Less than two years have been allotted for the development of the game, and this has some current and former Sledgehammer Games personnel concerned about the timeline. In 2021, the studio’s previous game, Call of Duty: Vanguard, had a similar release timeline, and it was a trying time for several employees. The game’s sales and critical reception fell short of what developer Activision had hoped for.

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Many of the creators at Activision’s other studios, such as Treyarch and Infinity Ward, are reportedly more upbeat about the new game’s prospects because of the increased assistance they are receiving.

Activision officials once briefed employees on a radical new plan for the Call of Duty franchise, which would see the series alternate between the Modern Warfare and Black Ops titles, with each receiving two years of maintenance. As Activision waits for Microsoft Corp. to complete its acquisition of the company, the corporation’s long-term objectives are unclear and unconfirmed at this time. Regulatory clearance is still needed for the $69 billion transaction.

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