Zenless Zone Zero Release Date – When Is It Going to Be Available?

The forthcoming urban fantasy action role-playing game Zenless Zone Zero is being developed and published by HoYoverse. It will likely be available for Microsoft Windows and iOS.

Zenless Zone Zero is an action role-playing game with roguelike features set in an urban fantasy world. The player takes on the part of a character called a Proxy, who helps other people explore the dangerous alternate dimensions called Hollows.

As they move forward, the Proxy will find more people to join their group and help them fight the Ethereal and other enemies. Players can do more damage and combos on enemies by mixing the skills of different members.

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The game takes place in New Eridu, a future city that was built after the end of the world. Hollows have served as portals for Ethereal to reach the human realm. The Ethereal have caused a lot of trouble for most people and killed most of them.

However, a select group of survivors have founded New Eridu as a bastion against the invaders, having survived the impending assault by extracting the Ethereal’s technology and resources.

Zenless Zone Zero Release Date – When Will It Be Out?

What is Zenless Zone Zero Release Date
What is Zenless Zone Zero Release Date

HoYoverse announced the game in May 2022, and in August of that year, closed beta tests for PC and iOS started. However, there is currently no information regarding the release date of Zenless Zone Zero.

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Initially, we anticipated a release date in the middle of 2023, however, we are now leaning toward the beginning of 2024. Since HoYoverse is also making Honkai: Star Rail, we think the company will spend the rest of 2023 working on the games it already has.

At the time, this was all the information we had regarding the Zenless Zone Zero release date. Follow us on Twitter, where we frequently post additional updates of this type.

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