Brewery in Pennsylvania Makes Beer Inspired by Elden Ring

The critically renowned video game Elden Ring inspired an original beer released by Pennsylvania-based Free Will Brewing. The beer is a Hazy India Pale Ale with the fitting moniker “Rise Tarnished,” a play on one of Elden Ring’s well-known dialogue lines.

The essence of Elden Ring’s enigmatic realm is captured using a special blend of three hops. One of the most played video games in 2022 is Elden Ring. Elden Ring did not become what it is now without drawing influence from its forebears, as seen from how it has transcended cultural barriers.

Numerous outside works, such as RuneQuest, Game of Thrones, and Berserk, have affected Elden Ring. Of course, there are several allusions to Lord of the Rings, the Legend of Zelda, and Greek and Roman mythology. Now, additional people motivated by the infinite world of Elden Ring have stepped up and tried to bring the game into new media.

Brewery in Pennsylvania Makes Beer Inspired by Elden Ring
Brewery in Pennsylvania Makes Beer Inspired by Elden Ring

On Reddit, the user nosleeptilldeath expressed enthusiasm for releasing the craft beer inspired by Elden Ring and posted a photo of the product’s amazing packaging. Nosleeptilldeath, a devoted gamer, suggested the idea of an Elden Ring beer to their employer, the Free Will Brewery.

Fans of the game Elden Ring will immediately recognize the final design that the brewery chose after experimenting with a number of other options. However, aside from the slogan “Rise Tarnished,” the artwork in the image does not use emblems or game elements.

This determination on the part of the brewery to produce an authentic beer inspired by Elden Ring is evidence of the game’s influence on pop culture and its capacity to inspire artistic initiatives outside the gaming industry.

Finally convinced my brewery I work at to do an Elden Ring inspired beer!
by u/nosleeptilldeath in Eldenring

The Hazy India Pale Ale used in the Elden Ring-inspired brew has an alcohol concentration of 6.8% and a distinctive blend of three hops: Moutere, Pacific Sunrise, and Citrus. It has already generated excitement among gamers and craft beer lovers in Pennsylvania.

Many readers in the comments section inquire where to buy the just-released beer. Unfortunately, only a few Pennsylvania tap houses and intrastate shipping offer the brew. Fans of Elden Ring and craft beer alike are excited for this amazing brew’s official release today to sample its distinctive flavor and presentation.

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The phrase “Rise Tarnished” Craft beer and video games now have the thrilling Hazy IPA from Free Will Brewing. It is obvious that the game sparked a whole new era of artistic activities in addition to the production of this beverage.

Elden Ring’s influence on popular culture is evident despite the fact that the beer is only now being sold in a few Pennsylvania areas. Watching if other breweries produce beer with gaming influences after Free Will will be interesting.

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