Will Indian Stock Market Open On Diwali 2023?

Is the Indian stock market open on Diwali 2023? As we all know tomorrow is the occasion of Diwali. So it is important to learn whether the Indian stock market will remain open on Diwali 2023 or not. Many people have raised this question in the last 24 hours. This question is important to learn because many people are unaware of whether the stock market will remain open tomorrow or not. So now to learn about this read this article till the end and do not miss any single line of this article if you want to learn every single thing completely.

Indian Stock Market

According to the source, the Indian stock market bourses are remaining closed on 11th November 2023, Saturday, and 12th November 2023, Sunday. As tomorrow is Diwali there is going to be a Muhurat trading. The symbolic trade session on Diwali 2023 is all set to take place on 12th November 2023, Sunday. The timing of the Muhurat trading is 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm. On every Diwali, the timing of the Muhurat trading is of 1 hour 15 minutes in which minutes the first 15 minutes are kept for the pre-open session. For stock investors and enthusiasts, there is a piece of the stock market news for today. According to the list of stock market holidays 2023, there is not going to be any action on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) on 12th November 2023, Sunday in the time. And then the symbolic one hour of Diwali Muhurat is going to happen in the evening.

According to the information given by BSE and NSE, the Indian stock markets are going to be open for Diwali 2023 just for one hour and that time is known as Muhurat trading on 12th November 2023, Sunday. If we look at the history of Diwali Muhurat sessions according to the last ten Muhurat trading sessions. the Indian Stock Market ended up higher in its eighth session. The Muhurat trading the previous year was known as the best in the last ten years because the BSE Sensex ended over 524 points higher. But it has been recorded that the worst Muhurat trading in the last ten years was in 2017 when the 30 stock index finished 194 points lower.

If we suggest some strategy regarding Muhurat trading 2023 the ideal strategy has been suggested by Avinash Gorashkar the Head of Research at Profitmart Securities has stated that usually, the Muhurat trading remains highly volatile so they have not seen liquidity on Muhurat trading so far. So the advice is to select stocks that have relatively higher liquidity than their peers.

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