CPCB data indicates sharp rise in Delhi’s average NO2 concentration in the first week of November

Now Delhi has seen a concerning surge in NO2 pollution levels. Recently, the data of CPCB has been released and the data has given a big shock. As per the data, the NO2 primarily stems from vehicle emissions. It has indicated the persistent air quality issue in the entire Delhi which has now been attributed to vehicular pollution. A very heavy smog has been captured in Delhi right now. Many people are suffering from coughs, and headaches because of the pollution. The level of AQI has reached the level of the worst position. Air pollution has now struck to another level. Now read this article to learn everything about Delhi air pollution.


The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has released data. So the data has showcased that Delhi is currently grappling with very high levels of particulate matter 2.5 pollution, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), another pollutant, has been raised in the national capital at this time. All these pollutants are very harmful to the health of every single person and animal. It has been reported that NO2, is stemming from the vehicle’s emission. It has indicated that the persistent air quality problem in Delhi, NCR has now been attributed to the pollution that is occurring because of vehicles.

According to the Delhi economic survey of 2022-23, it has been reported that, in Delhi, almost 7,917,898 vehicles have been staggering which is extending because of the traffic of Gurugram Faridabad in Haryana and Ghaziabad, and Noida in Uttar Pradesh (UP). The level of NO2 has been increased in Delhi in November 2023. It has gone on the upper scale right now with an average of 191 ug/m3 which is over double the safety limit. The areas such as Nehru Place have reached 123 micrograms per cubic meter and Okhla Phase 2 has recorded on an average NO2 concentration of 116 ug/m3.

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The data of CPCB has reported that there is a clear rise in Delhi’s average NO2 concentration in the first week of November 2023. It has been worsened by the wind conditions from 2nd November 2023. The concentration of NO2 at this time is 54.7 ug/m3 which represents a total of 47% increase in some last months with an average of 37.3 ug/m3. In the last 24 hours, the national standard has remained below 80 and the monthly is twice the World Health Organization limit of 25 ug/m3. The increase in NO2 is not good at all as it is very harmful to every single person and animal in Delhi at this time.

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