Who Is Sechaba Pali Wife? Was South African gospel artist Married?

Sechaba Pali was a South African singer. He was a part of South Africa’s biggest gospel group Joyous Festival. Sadly, he is no more between us. The gospel crooner died tragically after he was hijacked and left for dead. It has been many years since the South African gospel artist died but his fans still mourn his demise. They often ask about his wife. Who is Sechaba Pali’s wife? To cater to the queries of our readers, we have come up with this article to inform about his wife. The late gospel artist Sechaba Pali was married to his wife Tumi Makapalla. Let’s unfold more details about Tumi Makapalla and her marriage to Sechaba Pali. Scroll down for more.

Sechaba Pali
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Who Is Sechaba Pali Wife?

Reportedly, the South African gospel artist got married to his girlfriend Tumi Makapalla after dating her for seven months. The couple swapped the marriage vows in an intimate white wedding ceremony. However, the singer wanted to marry his love in a private ceremony in the presence of his closest people only. Tumi Makapalla and Sechaba Pali also exchanged engagement rings in Lesotho, a year before their marriage.

While speaking to Move! magazine, Sechaba said, “I didn’t want a lot of people. I wanted people who love me and are always there for me,” The gospel artist further gushed over his wife and said, “I thank God for her”. Tumi was a blessing for her. He further said, “There was no order in my family. I’m grateful I got her. I’m blessed. This is the first time I got married.” The singer also responded to the reports that he was previously married, adding that he was engaged not married. Seemingly, the late South African singer was never shy to speak publicly. Likewise, during a memorial service for Lundi Tyamara, Sechaba also slammed music bosses.

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Was Sechaba Pali married to Julia?

The gospel singer was asked about the rumors about his previous marriage with Julia, then he replied that the rumors about his previous marriage were fake. He was not married to Julia, they were engaged. Julia was Sechaba Pali’s manager in the past. The singer publicly denied the claims that he was previously married to his former manager. Sechaba’s first and only wife was Tumi Makapalla with whom he tied the knot in a private ceremony after a courtship of seven months. Stay tuned to this website for more.

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