Versicles Technologies Launches e-health kiosk ‘Prognosis’

Recently, a startup based in Kerala invented an e-health kiosk for better assessment of healthcare. Yes, you heard it right, now people can get basic diagnostic details with utmost accuracy at a low price with the help of a Kerala-based startup’s e-health kiosk. It is said that this e-health kiosk is the first of its kind digital health kiosk that is able to provide basic diagnostics like heart condition, blood sugar, and blood pressure within a few seconds. To note, this e-health kiosk of a Kerala-based startup, has utmost accuracy. Since it was presented, this e-health kiosk has been the topic of the town creating headlines everywhere and leaving people excited to learn more about it. However, we have poured in everything that you need to know about it. Stick with this page and go through it till the end. Scroll down.


The Kerala-based startup that launched the e-health kiosk is called Versicles Technologies and it named its health kiosk “Prognosis” which is equipped with a touch screen where you will get instructions through a video so that the user fathom accurate readings. The motive of this e-health kiosk “Prognosis” is to make healthcare facilities more easily accessible. Now you don’t have to spend too much on basic diagnoses such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart conditions, this kiosk is one solution for many problems.

Versicles Technologies released a statement that said the kiosk has machines that measure people’s blood pressure, and heart conditions to remove ECG tests, blood sugar, temperature through a wireless Bluetooth thermometer, and weight. The Kerala-based startup stated, “The kiosk, which provides multilingual instructions through an AI-based voice bot, also features a resting bench where one can comfortably sit during the tests,” Do you know what time this kiosk takes to give results? If not, follow the next section keenly. Scroll down.

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Prognosis ( requires only a minute to give results and offers immediate recommendations if irregularities are detected in someone’s vitals. The founder of Versicles Technologies, Kiran Karunakaran said, “The digital kiosk can be installed in hospitals, offices, malls, and gyms to provide additional remote care options. Each kiosk is manned by a certified nurse and can walk the patient through a self-assessment or periodic check-ups,”. Karunakaran further added they aim to revolutionize people’s access to basic health checks and bridge the gap between professional healthcare and early detection.

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