Valheim’s Xbox Game Pass Release May Challenge Sons of the Forest

It’s easy to see why Valheim is so revered. Inspired by Norse mythology, the release is a refreshing spin on the oversaturated survival game market. The game has been in early access for over two years on PC, but it is now coming to Xbox via the popular Xbox Game Pass service.

Given Valheim’s strong reputation among gamers and the service’s widespread availability via Xbox Game Pass, the game is widely anticipated to sell well when it finally arrives on consoles. Valheim’s release date is somewhat near that of Sons of the Forest, another popular survival game that, despite not having its platform release, may meet commendable competition from Valheim.

Valheim On Xbox Game Pass

On March 14, Valheim will arrive exclusively on Xbox Game Pass, as the developers have stated that the Xbox One is the only console they have plans to release the game on. Valheim has gained a strong following on PC thanks to its beautiful visuals and emphasis on cooperative gameplay. Furthermore, Valheim may be played with up to ten players in a collaborative effort to survive the game’s exciting but chaotic randomly generated setting.

Valheim's Xbox Game Pass Release May Challenge Sons of the Forest
                           Valheim’s Xbox Game Pass Release May Challenge Sons of the Forest

Valheim, like many survival games, takes pride in its multi-tiered construction and crafting systems, allowing players to construct unique fortresses to rest between sessions of monster hunting and resource collection.

The game’s massive success on PC has generated a lot of buzzes ahead of its Game Pass debut, and it’s widely expected that Valheim will attract a sizable audience on Xbox One very fast. Valheim’s wide availability via Game Pass will encourage even more players to try it out with friends, especially given the game’s high potential for cooperative play.

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Sons of the Forest and Valheim’s Competition

In case you missed it, the critically acclaimed 2014 survival horror game The Forest has a sequel called Sons of the Forest, and it was just launched for Windows. Both games feature the same basic foundation of brutal survival, fighting, cooperative play, and crafting, even though Sons of the Forest is distinct from Valheim in its horror themes.

Sons of the Forest is already being heralded as a triumph, despite just being released on February 23. The game effectively expands upon its predecessor’s gameplay mechanisms and themes, released in 2014. The intense and exciting cooperative play that Sons of the Forest offers resounded with many players, as the game spent some time at the top of the Steam sales charts.

Valheim's Xbox Game Pass Release May Challenge Sons of the Forest
                      Valheim’s Xbox Game Pass Release May Challenge Sons of the Forest

Although Sons of Forest’s recent success, Valheim’s upcoming release on Xbox Game Pass may overshadow it. Valheim has been on console gamers’ wish lists for over two years. Its upcoming widespread availability via Game Pass is the perfect storm to shift the dialogue within the survival genre toward the Norse title.

There is a significant possibility for Valheim’s player base to expand, as there are over 30 million subscribers to Xbox Game Pass.

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The two games aren’t directly competing for the same user base because Valheim is coming out on Xbox, and Sons of the Forest is PC-only. But, the upcoming surge of interest in Valheim could be enough to make it as famous as Sons of the Forest was in its early days.

Valheim is now available for PC and will be released on March 14, 2023, for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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