UN Gaza officials warned that operations in the coastal strip would cease in matter of hours

Breaking news is here. it has been expected that the UN Gaza operation might end in mere hours. This has been speculated because of the shortage of fuel. Many hospitals are currently suffering total collapse. The UN has already warned operations in Gaza will cease without fuel. On 24 October 2023, Tuesday, the military of Israel’s armored vehicles were deployed on the Israel border with Gaza. There are some humanities crises in Gaza which have worsened the situation of Gaza in this week because of the escalating Israeli attack on Hamas. Read this article till last to learn everything regarding the current situation of war.

UN Gaza

It has been reported that the area has been left without fuel, electricity, and fresh water after Israel shut down the supplies onset of the war and also blocked the shipment of fresh fuel. And the backdrop UN officials have now given a warning on 24th October 2023, Tuesday that the operations in the coastal strip are going to cease in a matter of hours. Reports have shown that many hospitals and health centers have collapsed because of the shortage of fuel and now many patients are at a big risk. Continue reading till last to learn more.

The UNRWA director of communications, Juliette Touma officially warned on 24 October 2023, Tuesday that the aid agency had halted operations by the night of 25th October 2023, Wednesday if the fuel is not going to be available. As per the UNRWA, 54 trucks have now entered Gaza from Egypt in the last three days carrying water, food, and medicine. More than 500 aid and commercial trucks have been used so that they can enter Gaza daily before the war. According to the source, they need a flow of supplies into Gaza and they need fuel. The residents of Gaza are more miserable and desperate than they are already. Keep reading till the end.

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Many hospitals are currently reeling under the increasing influx of injured civilians and dwindling supplies are a big risk right now. According to the World Health Organization, 12 hospitals out of a total of 35 in Gaza are not working. And 46 out of 782 healthcare facilities in the entire Gaza are currently inactive in Gaza City and northern Gaza. World Health Organization also said that the residents who are in the Gaza Strip are in a very desperate situation right now. It can become catastrophic without safe and continuous passage of health and fuel supplies.

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