Google’s new In-Campus hotel: Offering its workers discounted nightly stays at a hotel

Nowadays, thousands of revolutionary decisions are being made by Google in favor of its office policies, and these, policies impact the employee’s life in a certain manner. Almost every time, such steps make the headlines on social networking sites as something similar is happening this time too. Ever since Google launched its new hotel inside in Mountain View campus in California. The images of hotels are currently getting viral on social networking sites at the time of fetching huge attention from the side of everyone. Below you can explore the further updates.

Google’s New In-Campus Hotel

Google’s new In-Campus hotel

As per the exclusive reports or sources, after colliding with the news many reactions of its employees came out because the hotel will charge 99$ per night and it is quite expensive for them because as far as half of the staff is concerned they do not need this, but a few are standing by the company as they are appreciating their steps in a certain manner because Google usually think about its employees and therefore, it does the plenty of things under their favor as well.

Google’s new in-campus hotel was the project which was maintained consistency in the limelight since 2022 as they announced the news just a year they made under the area of a 42-acre area which is high enough and thus everyone is looking ahead to make themselves aware of its feature because Goggle integrated something amazing for a very long and therefore, ever since the photos of the hotel went viral on social media it left almost everyone shocked as they had no idea that they can make something like this, and this only reason, currently Google is making the huge headlines.

Besides all these, the revolutionary step is fetching all the attention of social networking sites as many are expressing their reactions but somehow, the employees of Google are saying that it can be a loss for them because the company is trying to take advantage as they made a rule that thrice in a week all employees will have to attend the office no matter what happens. If they want to stay there so they can get a room in the hotel without having any issues.

So, while visiting social networking sites you can get updates about the hotel in a certain manner and this is the only reason, you can visit Google for the hotel image which are currently being road rapidly while fetching the huge attention of everyone. So here we have mentioned the details and when something will come out we will update you for sure, stay tuned with us and do follow Techballad.