Turkey suicide attack: Kurdistan Workers’ Party Takes Responsibility For Suicide Attack In Ankara

Turkish law enforcement and security forces cordoned off an area in the heart of the Turkish capital, Ankara, following an attack with a suicide bomb near the office of the Tirkish Interior Ministery Office. Shockwaves throughout the country were blown leaving everyone chilled and stunned. Everyone was speculating who was responsible for the attack in the capital city Ankara. On Sunday, October 1, 2023, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party came to the fore to take responsibility for the suicide attack near the Turkish Interior Ministry Office in Ankara. Since the PKK took responsibility for the suicide attack, a stir has occurred in the nation. Therefore, it needs to be discussed in detail. Let’s delve deep into the article and unfold more details about it.

Turkey suicide attack

When the suicide bomber detonated an explosive device in Ankara, Turkey, the security forces suddenly cordoned off the area. While a second assailant was gunned down by the police officers. Footage recorded by the surveillance cameras in the heart of the national capital shows a vehicle pulling up to the main entrance of the Interior Ministry and one person from the vehicle quickly walking toward the building before being trapped in an explosion, while the other occupant of the vehicle remains on the street.

One of the occupants of the vehicle got killed in the blast while another was gunned down by the police. The Interior Ministery said this incident rattled a central district that is resident to ministerial buildings near the parliament. On Sunday, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party sent a statement to the ANF news agency to take responsibility for the attack near the Interior Ministry Office in Ankara. The statement reads, “A sacrificial action was carried out against the Turkish Interior Ministry by a team from our Immortal Brigade”

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ANC News received a statement from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, describing the suicide attack as planned to coincide with the start of parliament. The Interior Ministry of Turkey said two police officers were injured in the explosion in front of the Interior Ministry Office. Fortunately, the injuries of the police officers were not life-threatening. Jens Stoltenberg who is Secretary-General for NATO, strictly condemned the suicide attack in the Turkish national capital. He took to X to write, “NATO stands in solidarity with Turkey in the fight against terrorism,” and wished a speedy recovery for injured police officers. Stay tuned.

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