Israel-Hamas War: Alarming Situation in Jerusalem Amid War Between Israel and Palestine

On Monday, October 9, 2023, i.e. yesterday, several rocket missiles were launched by the terror group Hamas in the Gaza Strip aiming at the southern and central part of Israel to cause fatality and injuries among innocent people. As per the reports, five people were left injured. Two are in critical condition following this attack. In a shocking turn of events, one rocket exploded near Ben  Gurion International Airport causing severity there leading Airlines to suspend all its operations amid the war situation in the Middle East. Notably, several multiple explosions were also caused by the Iron Dome missile defense system. Continue reading this article and learn more details in the following section.

Israel-Hamas War

The Defense Force of Israel asserted that sirens have been blaring in Jerusalem following several explosions were reported from the city. The IAF (Israel Air Force) stated that they have increased the armed forces and doubled the ammunition. “On Saturday, Hamas brutally massacred over 700 Israelis. The Israeli Air Force is conducting one of the (largest air strikes ever) against Hamas in Gaza to degrade and destroy their ability to terrorize the people of Israel. Hamas launched a war. We will restore security to our country. Between Saturday and Monday morning, over 1,200 targets were hit by Israeli aircraft across the Gaza Strip, including weapons storage and manufacturing sites, rocket launchers, command and control centers, and more. Today we doubled that number,”

Reportedly, Israel Defense Force Homefront Command instructed the civilians of Israel in towns located near the Lebanese border to remain inside their homes.  The MDA (Magen David Adom) ambulance service reported that they treated four people for injuries sustained from rocket impacts in Ashkelon. The four injured individuals included two men aged 55 and 30, a 75-year-old man, as well as another person. In Addition, MDA paramedics also gave medical attention to a woman who was in her 50s who sustained serious injuries from a rocket impact in Ashdod.

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Reportedly, Sirens are blaring in various parts of Israel including Jerusalem, Ra’anana, and Tel Aviv. In addition, the northern part of Baqa al-Gharbiyye is also under the radar of the Hamas Group. The barrages of rocket missiles came following Israel formally declaring a state of war against Hamas. The death toll has reached 1300 due to the massive Hamas attack. While hundreds of people have been allegedly taken hostage by Hamas. Stay tuned.

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