The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom 10 Minutes Gameplay

Tears of the Kingdom will be out in just 41 days. Nintendo released a 13-minute mini Direct with gameplay and a sneak peek at Link’s new skills to get people excited about the game’s release.

The game Tears of the Kingdom, which used to be called The Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, was supposed to come out in 2022. It’s now coming out on May 12th.

The game’s producer, Eiji Aonuma, said in a video in March 2022 that Nintendo decided to keep working on it a little longer “to make this game’s experience something special.” Today’s gameplay presentation shows some of that specialness.

Link’s new Fuse ability was one of the biggest and most interesting things shown off today. With it, he can smash together everyday items like a log or a rock to make weapons.

In this video, Mr. Aonuma shows us some gameplay from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom –

YouTube video

It was fascinating to watch Aonuma make useful weapons on the spot, and it was very impressive to see how he made a homing arrow by fusing a monster eyeball to an arrow.

But be careful: the “weapon degradation” feature from Breath of the Wild, which players either loved or hated, is back, and Link’s stick swords will break after only a few swipes.

Ultrahand is another one of Link’s skills that helps him make bigger things than just weapons. The car we saw in one of the early trailers for Tears of the Kingdom wasn’t something Link found in the wilds of Hyrule, he made it with Ultrahand. He will also be able to make boats and things that can fly out of trash.

Do you know that Sega has finally told people when they can get Endless Dungeon? The action-packed game will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on May 18. There will soon be a version for the Nintendo Switch:

In Tears of the Kingdom, it looks like Hyrule has changed a lot. Big chunks of land are now floating in the sky. (Does anyone remember the Skyward Sword redemption arc?) To show how Link can get to one of the sky islands, Aonuma used Link’s new Recall skill.

It seems to let you go back in time to get something. In this case, Aonuma used Recall on a rock that fell off an island and used the rock like a fancy elevator.

Once he was high enough, Aonuma used Link’s trusty paraglider to get to the sky island of his choice. Aonuma also hinted that there are other ways for Link to get to the sky islands, and I can’t wait to see what weird devices people will come up with.

Ascend is the last skill we saw from Aonuma. It’s pretty much like the Escape Rope in Pokémon. Is this a cave? Would you like to find a way out? If you hit “Ascend,” you’ll be transported to the top of the cave. I’m sure that the people who do speedruns of Zelda will use Ascend to break this game to pieces. I’m so excited.

Tears of the Kingdom was something I didn’t know what to expect from. I knew that whatever it was, it would be good, but I wasn’t ready for how detailed this game seems to be trying to be.

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This game seems to be a mix of Breath of the Wild’s openness and Tears of the Kingdom’s new abilities, which have a lot of different ways to use them. It’s like Nintendo made its own Elden Ring through Zelda, and I think we’ll all be happy to spend a lot of time this spring and summer figuring out all the cool things we can do.

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