Most Recent Tekken 8 Trailer Features Gameplay Featuring Kazuya Mishima

We haven’t had a lot of chances to watch Kazuya Mishima in action, despite the fact that he was the first character announced for Tekken 8. The Nina Williams Tekken 8 trailer was the first to show off the game’s gameplay, but Bandai Namco has since produced a new clip showcasing Kazuya’s gameplay.

Kazuya, following his last appearance in Tekken 7, appears to have learned some new moves. After taking care of Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya now appears to be targeting Jin Kazama.

You may obtain visual information by watching the Tekken 8: Kazuya Gameplay trailer, which we have linked to down below:

YouTube video

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One of Kazuya’s hit strings appears to have incorporated his Devil Blaster (eye laser) as the third assault. Although Kazuya managed to pull off the combo in the teaser, it is presently unclear if it has the range to land hits on foes that are located beyond the normal viewing area of the screen.

Tekken 8 Trailer Features Gameplay Featuring Kazuya Mishima
Tekken 8 Trailer Features Gameplay Featuring Kazuya Mishima

That will be especially clear to Kazuya when he has activated the new Heat System by means of a Heat Burst or Heat Engager. For the duration of the Heat System, Kazuya will be in Demon Shape.

Kazuya’s Rage Art, in which he assumes his Devil Shape, is also prominently featured in Tekken 8. Kazuya may use his Devil Blaster to send his foe into the air, and then use his flying skills to spike them back down to the earth.

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