Tarsus introduced iQuote from HPE

Tarsus Distribution, South Africa’s leading ICT distributor, has introduced a powerful tool called HPE iQuote. This configures, price and quote tool is designed to assist resellers in growing their HPE business by improving the accuracy of their quotes and reducing quotation turnaround time. The tool is conveniently available through the Tarsus Distribution Portal, their digital self-service platform.


In essence, HPE iQuote empowers resellers to swiftly respond to requests for quotations while considering product availability, pricing, promotions, and incentives. By eliminating errors commonly made during manual calculations on multiple spreadsheets, this tool significantly reduces the risk of costly mistakes. Regardless of their expertise level, from seasoned HPE experts to novices, resellers can easily generate quotes using the flexible interfaces offered by HPE iQuote.

The efficiency of pre-sales teams is greatly improved through the utilization of the HPE iQuote system. This ensures precision in processing HPE server, storage, networking, software, and service orders. Additionally, the tool offers greater flexibility across products, comprehensive security, enhanced flexibility in catering to all user audiences, complete SMB solutions, and an increased number of technical validation checks for improved quotation accuracy.

Speed, accuracy, and convenience are key advantages of HPE iQuote. Resellers can self-configure, log on, and access accurate pricing and stock level indicators 24/7, regardless of their location, without the need for any direct communication. Additionally, HPE iQuote seamlessly integrates with another concept called HPE Flex Offers, a promotional engine that provides tailored configurations at competitive prices. These configurations are quickly shipped directly from Tarsus Distribution’s inventory.

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The introduction of HPE iQuote demonstrates Tarsus Distribution’s commitment to providing simple solutions that eliminate errors and expedite the quoting process. Through its fully accessible HPE experience, which includes pre-sales, business development, stocking, channel credits, start-up services, and installation, Tarsus Distribution sets itself apart from other distributors in the local market by empowering its channel partners. Furthermore, by deploying HPE iQuote, Tarsus Distribution expands access to the HPE enterprise offering managed by their business unit manager, Chris Larkins, to a broader spectrum of channel partners.

Tarsus Distribution aims to provide customers with a fully digital experience, as digitization enables transformative shifts in customer behavior and interactions. By offering self-service platforms like the Tarsus Distribution Portal, the company enhances customer, employee, and supplier relationships. This convergence leads to happy customers, more fulfilled employees, and increased profitability for all parties involved. Here we have shared the complete information with you. Follow for more upgrades.

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