Huawei gold smartwatch, smart car but didnt discuss Mate 60 smartphone.

Recently, Huawei launched a gold smartwatch and smart car but the biggest shocking news is that they didn’t discuss anything about the Mate 60 smartphone. This has left people curious. Huawei launched some new projects on Monday but some people are really disappointed because of not revealing some details of the new Mate 60 smartphone series. This topic is currently trending on Twitter (X). Many people are writing about why Huawei has done this and why they haven’t discussed anything about the smartphone series. Read this article last to learn everything about this topic.


On Monday, Huawei Technologies showcased some new products from a gold smartwatch and smart car. As we all see that the new smartwatch and smart car are freaking amazing. They showcased these two new products but people are still sad about Huawei technology. Users are sad because Huawei didn’t discuss much about the new Mate 60 smartphone series. People are complaining about this. This event happened at the stadium and the event was watched by millions of online viewers. People really loved this event but the bad thing about this event was that the makers didn’t give much importance to the the new Mat 60 smartphones. Scroll down to know more.

People are asking a lot of questions about the Huawei technologies for not discussing much about the new Mat 60 smartphones. And by looking at that Huawei has finally broken their silence on the smartphone. They have given a statement in which they said that it was hailed by the Chinese state media as a sign the firm had overcome United States sanctions from 2019 has broken access to advanced chipmaking tools and it is crippled its smartphone unit. According to the source, the smartphone officially launched any fanfare last month at the time United States Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo visited China.

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The people and the analysts who purchased the Mate 60 Pro have claimed that there is a Chinese-made chip that is capable of 5G speeds. Huawei Technologies has not said many things about the capabilities of the new Mate 60 series. It is going to be officially seen as the first major effort from the sanctions to challenge Apple’s dominance in today’s smartphone market. The CEO of Huawei, Yu Chengdong said that they don’t take smartphones in his opening remarks and he also thanked the whole nation for their tremendous support. He also said that their product was trusted by many people when they came into the market.

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