Shigeru Miyamoto Claims That Super Nintendo World Was a Consideration for Splatoon

Super Nintendo World is now open at Universal Studios Hollywood. While traveling through a warp pipe to a world ruled by Mario is a fantastic experience, it is notable that the theme park is not called Super Mario World. It’s not surprising that Mario would get so much attention. He is, after all, Nintendo’s mascot.

Game Rant, however, recently questioned the Mario-centric focus of Nintendo during a panel chat with Shigeru Miyamoto and Shinya Takahashi at Super Nintendo World in Hollywood. There are a few hidden surprises throughout the park, such as a nod to Pikmin, but Mario is the main attraction.

Super Nintendom Splatoon
                                                             Super Nintendom Splatoon

Miyamoto acknowledged the minor discrepancy between calling it Super Nintendo World and having only Mario there, but he noted it comes down to having a focus rather than being scattered.

“There was discussion about adding other IP like Splatoon, but instead of being scattered, we thought it would be best to have something focused and make something that is quality and good. That’s why we ended up starting with Mario.”

The Nintendo IP Splatoon lends itself easily to a fantastical interpretation as an interactive theme park attraction. Some Nintendo fans would rather see other IPs like Zelda, Pokemon, Pikmin, or Animal Crossing get the same treatment as Mario.

Still, because the goal was to narrow the emphasis, Mario makes the most sense. The decision to use Mario for a theme park was easy, given he has appeared in some form in every Nintendo system and is currently spearheading the charge for the firm in the movie arena. Many Nintendo fans, however, would like to see this approach extended to other Nintendo intellectual properties.

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Super Nintendom Splatoon
                                                                 Super Nintendom Splatoon

Nintendo and Universal Studios may someday include Splatoon-themed attractions in their Super Nintendo World theme parks. There is much room for growth in Super Nintendo World, yet nothing is officially planned.

A roller coaster, new restaurants, souvenir shops, and more are all part of the Donkey Kong expansion at Japan’s Super Nintendo World, which is scheduled to open in 2024. The Hollywood branch would also appreciate something like this.

However, due to size differences, it could be more challenging to implement (the land space in Hollywood is somewhat smaller than in Osaka). The park’s expansion is a long-term goal, but starting with Mario makes as much sense as doing it now. The doors to Super Nintendo World have opened.

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