How to Finish Spot Removal from Hogwarts Legacy (Side Quest Guide)

Throughout the Harry Potter books, the Forbidden Forest is the setting for several significant occasions. Given this context, it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that Hogwarts Legacy allows players to explore this complex and challenging area, with a number of the game’s side quests taking place among the forest’s trees and magical inhabitants.

Players can access one of these tasks, “Spot Removal,” if they have unlocked flying mounts. Players must speak with Sacharissa Tugwood, a Hufflepuff student, who is loitering outside the Dogweed and Deathcap shop in Hogsmeade to activate it. Players will be asked to assist her in finding some Bubotubers, which entails making another trip to the Forbidden Forest.

How to Finish the Hogwarts Legacy Spot Removal Side Quest

Hogwarts Legacy participants will need to travel to the location shown on their map and locate the five Bubotubers dispersed throughout the enormous purple circle to finish “Spot Removal.” Players should be prepared for a fight because there are several adversaries in this region, but there are a few tactics they may employ to make this side mission much more straightforward than it might initially seem.

Spot Removal from Hogwarts Legacy
                                               Spot Removal from Hogwarts Legacy

Players can use Revelio to highlight the location of Bubotubers, to begin with. Revelio’s range is already quite good, but players could increase it by gaining access to the Revelio Mastery Talent. This is accessible under the Core section and costs one Talent Point to unlock.

It’s also important to note that players may use Revelio and pick up objects while mounted, making it incredibly simple to obtain the first three Bubotubers.

Within a cave that houses a hostile Troll are the last two Bubotubers. The camera controls and the cave’s tight quarters occasionally make it challenging to swoop in and collect the Bubotubers while flying on a broomstick without the Troll knowing.

As a result, it might be best for players to rush into the cave and grab the two Bubotubers there. Alternatively, players who want a challenge could kill the Troll as planned and hold the Bubotubers whenever they choose.

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Spot Removal from Hogwarts Legacy
Spot Removal from Hogwarts Legacy

Players will be asked to return to Sacharissa, who is still waiting in Hogsmeade, once they have all five Bubotubers. Instead of just turning over the Bubotubers, they’ll be given a chance to haggle for a higher price.

In that instance, they’ll get 500 Galleons instead of just 300. Regardless of their choice, they will also receive 180 XP and the Bubotuber Harvesting Attire. This decorative item may be used to alter the appearance of specific Gear.

Hogwarts Legacy is available on the PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC. Versions for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch are currently being created.

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