Silent Hill 2 Remake Developer Confidently Declares Near-Completion of Game

The Silent Hill 2 remake is said to be “close” to being done. Even though Silent Hill 2 was officially announced for late 2022, the highly anticipated remake of the survival horror game has not yet been given a release date.

Bloober seems to have decided not to keep fans in the dark about Silent Hill 2’s development by letting fans know where the game is right now without giving away any official release date information.

Survival horror games have been made over in 2023. Electronic Arts’ remake of Dead Space came out at the start of the year and was met with a lot of praise. Capcom is getting ready for the remake of Resident Evil 4 to come out at the end of March.

Do you know that critics liked the 2023 remake of Resident Evil 4 a lot in the week before it came out? This wasn’t too surprising, given how well-liked the original 2005 game was. But the bonus arcade mode called “The Mercenaries,” which was known for being hard and fun, wasn’t in the horror-action game:

Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 are two of the best survival horror games that have ever been made. Bloober Team might be able to add a third game to this list.

Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno told PAP Business that work on Silent Hill 2 is further along than most fans probably thought. Babieno says that Silent Hill 2 is “technically ready.”

This doesn’t mean that the game is finished, but it does mean that Bloober Team is “close” to finishing up. There’s still work to do, but it doesn’t sound like the situation is just about finishing the game.

Babieno goes on to say that its “partners” are worried about when Silent Hill 2 will come out. He says that the publisher, not Bloober, will decide when the book will come out and how it will be promoted.

The implication is that Bloober might want to know when the game will come out since people are getting more and more excited about it. This is up to the game publisher Konami and its advertising partners, which are likely to include PlayStation.

It’s important to keep in mind that Komani stopped making AAA games around 2015. Since then, franchises like Silent Hill have not been used. Konami is trying something new by giving licenses to third parties for its big games.

Konami might need to rediscover how good it is at marketing games like the remake of Silent Hill 2 and the many other Silent Hill games that are being made right now.

If Silent Hill 2 is really getting close to being done, Konami will soon talk more about when the game will come out. Maybe the best time for a reveal will be this summer’s PlayStation event, which is its alternative to E3.

Konami could also wait until later in the year. Fans of Silent Hill 2 will probably want to hear about it as soon as possible.

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Bloober Team’s comments make people think that Silent Hill 2 will come out in 2023, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Silent Hill 2 is being made for the PS5 and PC.

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