“Jump Into Exciting World of LEGO 2K Drive: Get Ready to Race, Explore, and Unlock Mysteries!”

Video games based on the popular LEGO series have been available for some time. Traveler’s Tales has been in charge of the brick-based action-adventure games since the 2005 Star Wars remake. But in LEGO 2K Drive, we get to experience a side of the Property we’ve never seen before.

The forthcoming game, published by 2K, was recently revealed, and its logo features the company’s distinctive “2K” moniker. As an open-world arcade racer, it hopes to breathe new life into the series. What exactly is it, outside the vague classification as a racing genre? What follows is a more in-depth analysis of the game.

Get the Sky Trophy to be the finest LEGO 2K Drive racer

Taking place in Bricklandia, the story mode launches players into an all-new adventure full of surprises and thrills. In order to compete in the Sky Cup Grand Prix, the world’s largest racing event, players must build their vehicles in the style of LEGO residents. Many of the available racecars take their design cues from real-world LEGO sets. In addition to fast sports vehicles, they also offer boats and a McLaren-inspired design.

All About LEGO 2K Drive

Yes, the game’s races will take place on a wide range of surfaces. Therefore, vehicles can switch between multiple modes to best suit the driving conditions. You may see this method in action in The Crew by Ubisoft, for instance. Gamers participate in these challenging races for the Sky Trophy, which pits them against similarly skilled opponents. Yet, the twisty race tracks will be littered with powerups like in Nintendo’s Mario Kart titles.

They can be offensive weapons like rockets or defensive shields to protect against harm. The fully modifiable automobile, though, steals the show. New cars can be built from scratch in the Garage, allowing players to customize their preferred mode of transportation down to the smallest detail. With only the players’ imaginations as a limiting factor, this may lead to some truly odd autos, like one fashioned like a hamburger.
Nevertheless, that’s not all. You can view the official trailer for LEGO 2K Drive down below-

YouTube video

Many objectives, minigames, and environments await you out in the world. A lego-based version of Microsoft’s Forza Horizon racing video games. You’ll need to race across different biomes and fulfill challenges in each one if you want to prove that you’re the best driver in all of Bricklandia.

Now, the cooperative mode is ready to provide hours of entertainment for you and up to three pals. Everything is presented in the series’ trademark brand of clean and hilarious humor based on LEGO bricks.

What platforms and editions are available?

There will initially be three different LEGO 2K Drive releases:

  1. Standard Edition: Includes just the base game
  2. Awesome Edition: Base game, Year 1 Drive Pass, Aquadirt Racer Pack, and the Awesome Bonus Pack
  3. Awesome Rivals Edition: Base game, Year 1 Drive Pass, Aquadirt Racer Pack, Awesome Bonus Pack, and Awesome Rivals Bonus Pack.

Visual Concepts, known for working on several successful sports games, is developing the game. Both NBA 2K23 and WWE 2K23 have been released in recent months. Release dates for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch have been set on May 19, 2023.

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