S Jaishankar Meets UK Foreign Secretary To Discuss West Asia, Ukraine Conflict

On Monday, November 13, 2023, i.e. yesterday, our external affairs minister S Jaishankar met David Cameron who is the newly appointed Foreign Secretary to the United Kingdom. Currently, the EAM S Jaishankar is on a trip to the United Kingdom for five days where he met various senior UK diplomats and held talks on vital issues. In addition, S Jaishankar also discussed FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with UK officials. However, both countries have been negotiating on the FTA for the past many years. In the following sections, we have mentioned what imperative talks the External Affairs Minister of India held with the UK officials on Monday during his visit to the United Kingdom. Stick with this page and go through this article till the end. Swipe down the page.

S Jaishankar

The newly appointed UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron who is a former two-time prime minister of the United Kingdom, shook hands with the External Affairs Minister. David Cameron and S Jaishankar’s meeting took place after a cabinet reshuffle led to the unprecedented return of the former two-time UK prime minister to UK politics. However, the officials did not reveal a detailed statement, But S Jaishankar shared on social media that the Ukraine conflict along with the situation in West Asia was discussed by the leaders of two countries, India and Britain. Shift to the next section and read more details.

Taking to social media, the Indian minister of foreign affairs also suggested in the post a discussion around the Indo-Pacific during their talks. S Jaishankar wrote, “A pleasure to meet UK Foreign Secretary @David_Cameron this afternoon on his first day in office. Congratulated him on his appointment (sic). Held a detailed discussion on realizing the full potential of our strategic partnership. Also exchanged views on the situation in West Asia, the Ukraine conflict, and the Indo-Pacific. Look forward to working with him closely.

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Amidst the war between the Palestinians and Israel, both India and the UK have refrained from calling for an immediate ceasefire. Both countries have called for the de-escalation of violence in the besieged Gaza Strip and the upholding of international law. On October 28, India was among the 45 countries that refrained from the vote in the United Nations on a resolution calling for immediate ceasefire in Gaza, whereas, the UK was among the 14 countries that opposed the resolution. Stay tuned.

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