Rupi Kaur reacts to White House reply amid Diwali invitation decline

Recently, we all got to know about the very shocking news. The well-known Canadian poet Rupi Kaur recently rejected the Diwali invitation from Joe Biden. On this rejection, the White House gave a very hilarious reply. And now Rupi Kaur has reacted to the White House reply. Some days back Rupi rejected the invitation from the Joe Biden administration to participate in the Diwali 2023 event. She rejected this invitation by saying that she was not going to participate in this Diwali because of ongoing support for Israel at the time of the Gaza bombardment. To learn everything regarding this controversy, read this article till the end.

Rupi Kaur

Some days ago a press conference was held, the White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in response to the question regarding Rupi Kaur turning down the Diwali 2023 celebration event invitation extended to Kamala Harris claimed that everybody has their opinion and they respect folks’ opinions and that is the operation of Rupi Kaur. But on this statement why White House, Rupi Kaur termed the reply saddening. Now scroll down to the next paragraph of this article to learn more.

According to the source, on 6th November 2023, Monday, the famous Canadian poet Rupi Kaur gave a rejection to the invitation from the Joe Biden administration to become part of the Diwali 2023 event because Of US support to Israel regarding the Gaza bombardment. Recently, Rupi Kaur posted a tweet on her official Twitter (X) account. In the tweet she said, we demanded accountability and it is saddening that the best the White House which come up with. All the people have their own opinion and she rejects their opinions and that is just her opinion. She also said that everyone has their own opinion and this is her opinion, it is disingenuousness, gaslighting which response to your movement is helping enable the genocide with the American tax dollars and she is asking you to stop.

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Rupi Kaur also slammed the Joe Biden administration saying that shame on the administration because they do not have compassion for Palestinians even though they do not have compassion for Israeli lives. She believes that her collective punishment is a war crime and it is inhumane and it cannot be a solution. She also said that she declined the invitation from the institution that supports the collective punishment of a trapped civilian population in which almost 50% were children.

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