8 Richest Rocket League Players of All Time

Rocket League has been around since 2015, but this soccer and racing hybrid hasn’t achieved the heights of esports favorites like Call of Duty and League of Legends.

Although Rocket League didn’t arrive with a ready-baked esports format, it quickly made waves on streaming platforms like Twitch. A few months after the game’s release, Major League Gaming announced a pro-level Rocket League esports tournament.

Psyonix took note and, at the start of 2016, announced the inaugural season of the Rocket League Championship Series. The first tournament season was relatively modest by today’s standards, with a paltry prize pool of $55,000.

This is a small change compared to the $1 million offered by ELeague during a 2020 event. While Rocket League hasn’t produced as many millionaires as other games, many players have pocketed six-figure career earnings. Below, we spotlight 8 of the wealthiest Rocket Leagues of all time.

8. Reed ‘Chicago” Wilen

Reed Wilen might be young, but he’s one of the most successful Rocket League players to come out of the United States. He’s been playing professionally since 2016, serving tenures on teams like Team Dignitas and Evil Geniuses.

Currently, he’s an active member of the G2 Esports roster. Although he’s far from making his first million, Wilen has already amassed career earnings over $461,000.

7. Evan “M0nkey M00n” Rogez

France has produced plenty of Rocket League professionals, with Evan Rogez among one the most successful. He’s only been playing professionally for a couple of years, with most of his career spent serving as part of the Team BDS lineup.

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Despite a relatively short career, he’s still secured prize winnings of more than $462,000. Not bad when you consider he only started in 2019.

6. Alex “Extra” Paoli

Alex Pauoli is another French player and a longtime teammate of Evan Rogez. Although he’s been playing a little longer than his Team BDS buddy, Paoli’s career earnings are almost identical, at just over $462,000.

5. Justin “jstn” Morales

He might be one of the most fresh-faced professionals on this list, but Justin Morales is one of the most successful. He’s young, but he’s been a staple of the Rocket League professional circuit since 2016.

Currently, this US-born player serves as part of the NRG roster. Most of his prize winnings have come from his work with this team. As of 2023, his growing fortune stands at $482,000.

4. Mariano “SquishMuffinz” Arruda

A familiar face at major Rocket League tournament events since 2018, Mariano Arruda has been a force of nature since the game’s early days.

After three years with Cloud9, this Canadian pro jumped ship and joined NRG in 2020. He still plays for the team today, slowly adding to a fortune currently at $493,000.

3. Jacob “JKnaps” Knapman

Jacob Knap has one of the most eclectic career histories of any player on this list. He’s been playing steadily since 2015, serving on no less than 11 different teams.

This Canadian has been playing as part of the G2 Esports team for more than half a decade. During his spell with G2 that he’s secured a staggering prize pool of more than $495,000.

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2. Alexandre “Kaydrop” Courant

Alexandre Courant was among the first Rocket League players to break the half-million mark in career earnings. This French player has been enlisted by Dignitad and Team Vitality.

Currently, he plays for the emerging esports outfit, Solary. Some people might have seen his latest transfer as something of a demotion, but you can afford to take chances when you’ve got more than $532,000 in the bank.

1. Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon

Until last year, Courant held the record of the highest-earning Rocket League player. That changed recently when American player Garrett Gordon surpassed his career earnings by just a few thousand dollars. As part of NRG, Gordon has dominated S-Tier tournaments since 2017. As of 2023, this Rocket League legend boasts a fortune of more than $536,000.


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