The Resource System in Resident Evil 4’s Remake Is Even Better Than the Original

A fan favorite from the original Resident Evil 4, the attached case is back and better than ever in the remake. Several players have praised Resident Evil 4 for its amazing mix of goofy terror and thrilling action. Resident Evil 4’s reinterpretation is even more amazing because none of that ambiance is sacrificed for how modern and refurbished the remake is.

Except for the contentious U-3 boss fight in Resident Evil 4, all of the game’s essential moments are there and accounted for, and the altered scenes focus more on exploration or extension of the story’s rich mythology.

The attached case used in Resident Evil 4 has become a recognizable symbol. After Resident Evil 4, the series has reverted to its traditional system of restricted inventory slots, however, the attached case, along with all of its unique features, returns in the remake.

Gamers can satisfy their inner neat freak by rearranging the contents of their case in whatever way they see fit. Resident Evil original tenfold delivered on this satisfying design, but the remake ups the ante with new and improved puzzles.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Considers Many More Things

Because of the constraints imposed by the game’s rectangular inventory grid, item hoarding becomes a significant problem in Resident Evil 4. Players will have to make do with the little capacity provided by the attached case until they can afford to purchase expansion packs.

Although the case might not look too cramped at first, it will quickly become so as players acquire more weapons throughout the game. The pistol is the shortest and narrowest of the firearms, followed by the increasingly long and wide shotgun, rifle, and other options.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake

As hoarding becomes an issue, though, there are even more objects to worry about in the Resident Evil 4 remake. Gamers that are seeking to save up to a particular amount of gunpowder in order to construct better goods may wish to hoard all of their resources, gunpowder, and grenades for as long as possible. These things are rather few, taking up only one to three spaces each, but there are so many of them that the player’s case will fill up rapidly.

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Trade-Ins Complement Pesetas in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Thankfully, the Treasures option remains intact, allowing players to continue increasing the value of specific items by inlaying a variety of colorful gemstones into them. Spinels were an optional prize that could be sold in the original game, but they have been changed slightly for the remake.

The Merchant now accepts spinels as payment in exchange for other goods. Other weapons like the Matilda and the Black and Leather attache cases, as well as treasure maps for each location, can be acquired through trade-ins in the Resident Evil 4 remake. Although this does not affect the amount of storage space a player has at any given time, it is useful when pesetas are scarce.

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Thus, players are encouraged to frequently combine resources with gunpowder to supplement the fact that they may be liberally firing ammunition from however many weapons they currently have, let alone lobbying flash grenades at Plaga Mandibula zealots whose heads have been replaced by massive mandibles. Knives are now a significant part of the player’s inventory, albeit they won’t be useful for very long if the player is constantly parrying assaults.

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All versions of Resident Evil 4 (PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S) are now available.

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