Raghav Chadha May Vacate Govt Bungalow Very Soon

A big blow to Aam Aadmi Party’s Raghav Chadha as he has been sent a notice to vacate the government bungalow allotted to him. According to the reports, lawmaker Raghav Chadha has been living with his family in the Type VII government bungalow. On Friday, October 6, 2023, the Delhi court removed the stay order imposed on the dispossession order issued by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat earlier this year, which means AAP Rajya Sabha MP Raghav Chadha would have to vacate the bungalow. Raghav Chadha was sent a notice by the RS Secretariat in March this year, to leave the bungalow located at Pandara Road. But the AAP leader got a stay order from the Delhi Court on the dispossession order issued by the RS Secretariat. Keep reading this article and unravel more details of this story.

Raghav Chadha

However, the Aam Aadmi Party lawmaker would get another bungalow in its place but of a relatively lower grade that he is currently living at Pandara Road, New Delhi, which was allotted to him in July 2022. Note that Raghav Chadha had knocked on the gate of Delhi Patiala House Courts earlier this year in April and successfully received an interim stay order against the dispossession order issued by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat.

But now, a bench led by Judge Sudhanshu Kaushik has lifted the stay order and said that the AAP MP Raghav Chadha has not been able to provide the urgency behind his requirement for an interim stay. The Indian Expressed quoted, “The plaintiff (Raghav Chadha) has no vested right in the accommodation and his status is akin to that of a licensee, which can be revoked by the competent authority at any time,” Shift to the next section and read what Raghav Chadha said.

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After the lift of the stay order on the dispossession notice, Raghav Chadha has not responded to it. But he had earlier said that the dispossession order would adversely affect him as he is living in the government bungalow along with his parents. AAP MP went on to say that the RS Secretariat’s order was arbitrary and the reason for leaving the house was not provided. For the unversed, Raghav Chadha was nominated to the Rajya Sabha from Punjab after Aam Aadmi par rode to power in the state, in March 2022. Initially, Chadha was given a Type VI bungalow but later it was changed to a Type VII bungalow after a request.

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