Portal Fan Remake Will Increase Gameplay

Given that a group of modders is now developing its recreation of the renowned Valve game, it is clear that Portal will not be forgotten any time soon.

The darkly humorous puzzle game included in the Orange Box set of 2007 along with Half-Life 2, its expansions, and Team Fortress 2 is a well-liked entry in the genre and a gaming classic. Despite a popular sequel in 2011, not much has happened with the franchise.

Portal Fan Remake Will Increase Gameplay
                                       Portal Fan Remake Will Increase Gameplay

Portal RTX, an improved game version that utilized beautiful lighting and shadow effects thanks to Nvidia’s ray tracing technology, was released last year. But aside from that, the franchise has been left for dead.

This means that maintaining it has been chiefly the responsibility of the fan base, and it appears that some individuals are ready to take on that burden with an upcoming initiative.

A group of ardent Portal enthusiasts is presently developing “Another Slice,” which is characterized as a remake of the original 2007 game, as reported by The Gamer. Although there isn’t much information available now, it sounds like it won’t just be a straightforward reproduction of the cherished puzzle game.

The remake will try to incorporate the art direction from Portal 2, precisely the worn appearance of the Aperture Science complex. Additionally, “Another Slice” will refine and enhance some gameplay components. It is impossible to say precisely what this signifies, but it will be intriguing to find out.

There have been several incredibly creative mods for Portal throughout the years, some of which almost recreate the game. Examples include the paint gun gameplay in Aperture Tag and the addition of a third portal in Portal Reloaded, which enables players to traverse through time.

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Portal Fan Remake Will Increase Gameplay
                                 Portal Fan Remake Will Increase Gameplay

In short, the modding community is unable to let the game go. Thus it is no surprise that a group of fans is developing their remake, especially given this period’s penchant for reissuing old games.

Of course, a lot of people want Portal 3. Even one of the previous games’ writers, Erik Wolpaw, has pleaded with Valve to release a new game in the series. Who knows if this will materialize, but the fact that so many individuals are actively engaged in their own Portal projects demonstrates the continuing influence of the puzzle franchise.

On the PC, Portal RTX is now accessible.

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