Goldeneye Switch Cheats: Unlock the Secrets of Goldeneye with These Codes!

If you played Goldeneye 007 on a Nintendo 64 when you were a kid, you undoubtedly toyed around with the cheat codes for some added fun.

Once upon a time, entering cheat codes on a cheat menu was a breeze, and the game could be enjoyed with little to no effort. However, things aren’t quite so simple now that the game has been re-released on Switch and Xbox.

While the Switch technically supports entering codes in this fashion, doing it with an N64 controller requires a lot of juggling unless you have one of these.

However, there is no such option for entering codes on the Xbox, and the cheats in both versions of this re-release are locked unless the player meets certain requirements in the game. Here are the prerequisites that must be met in order to access them all.

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All Goldeneye 007 cheats

007 mode

Play through all missions on the 00 Agent level.

All characters (multiplayer)

Finish the tale on the Agent level or higher.

All guns

Under six minutes to finish Egyptian on the 00 Agent difficulty

Aztec level

Secret Agent or higher difficulty must be used for all main levels.

DK mode

Play through Runway in less than 5 minutes on Agent.

Egyptian level

Play through all of the main levels on the Agent 00 difficulty setting or above.

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Enemies with rockets

Under 1:45 minutes to finish Streets on the Agent difficulty

Fast animation

Get the Secret Agent Statue done in less than 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

Gold PP7

Under 2:15 minutes to finish Cradle on the Agent difficulty

Golden Gun

An Ancient Egyptian Crush Any Challenge

Grenade launcher x2

Successfully completed Surface 1 on the Secret Agent difficulty in under 3:30 minutes.

Hunting knife x2

Under 3 minutes and 45 seconds to finish the entire Jungle level on Agent.

Infinite ammo

Defeat the Secret Agents with No Problem in Under 10 Minutes.

Goldeneye Switch Cheats
Goldeneye Switch Cheats


In less than 2:05 minutes, finish the facility on the 00 Agent difficulty.


In less than 1:10, you’ll be able to complete the Archives on the 00 Agent difficulty.


Get through Aztec on any setting.

Laser x2

Under 9 minutes and 30 seconds to finish Aztec on the Secret Agent difficulty.


Cradle any level of difficulty with ease

No radar (multiplayer)

Took less than 4:30 to finish Frigate on the Secret Agent difficulty.

Paintball mode

In less than 2:40 minutes, finish Dam on the Secret Agent difficulty.

RC-P90 x2

Obtain a time of fewer than 9 minutes and 30 seconds while completing Caverns on the 00 Agent difficulty.

Rocket launcher x2

Submit a time for Bunker 1 on 00 Agent that is less than 4 minutes.

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Silver PP7

In less than 5:25 minutes, you may finish Train on the 00 Agent difficulty.

Slow animation

Under 1:40 minutes to complete Depot on the Secret Agent difficulty setting.

Throwing knife x2

Get the timer to 1:30 or less when you beat Bunker 2 on the Agent difficulty setting.

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Tiny Bond

In less than 4:15 minutes, complete Surface 2 on the 00 Agent difficulty.

Turbo mode

You have less than 3 minutes to beat Silo on the Agent difficulty setting.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you neutralize alarms in GoldenEye?

Suppress all warnings
Destroy the alarms covertly using your Silenced PP7. Kill the enemy before they can reach the alarm and trigger it, which would alert the other troops.

What is the hardest level in GoldenEye?

00 Agent. The game's 00 Agent difficulty is the highest possible setting. More adversaries appear, they have the highest statistics of any difficulty (except 007 mode), and Bond has more tasks to perform.