Port Blair: ICG ship, evacuated critically injured Philippines national

Recently, an Indian Coast vessel rescued a critically injured Phillippines national. An Indian Coast Guard (ICG) ship evacuated a very critically injured Philippines national who was sustaining several fractures from the cargo ships. This was shaped on 11th November 2023, Saturday. ICG evacuated an injured Phillippines national after that person fell from 20 feet into an empty cargo ship. This is now one of the biggest shocking news of this time as this is very shocking to learn how the Philippines national fell from 20 feet. How this this accident occurred. Now some sources have given us some information regarding this accident. And we have shared all the information with you in this article so check out this article carefully.


On 11th November 2023, Saturday, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) evacuated a critical Philippines national who was badly injured. The Philippines national got injured after he fell 20 feet into an empty cargo ship. Sources have revealed that the Philippines national sustained various fractures and was critically injured after the accident. Currently, he is under treatment. ICG has recently given a statement in which they have said that the Filipino crew has officially fallen from approx 20 feet into an empty cargo ship, MV Rostrum Cynic member has led to various fractures.

The Philippines national was evacuated on Saturday. The Indian Coast Guard has said on Twitter (X) that @IndianCoastFuard Ship Rajkiran has evacuated an injured crew member from MV Rostrum Cynic on 11th November 2023, Saturday. The injured person fell from 20 feet into a cargo ship was was empty. he has sustained multiple injuries. The injured person was brought to the #PortBlair for medical management. The photos of the injured Philippines national have been officially posted on Twitter (X). The photos of the injured Philippine man are going viral on several social media platforms. Scroll down to the next paragraph to learn more.

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The statement regarding the evaluation of an injured Philippines national was officially shared by the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) on 12th November 2023, Sunday. They have said that the injured man has been brought to Port Blair (Andaman and Nicobar Islands). The identity of the Philippines national has not been officially shared till now because of safety and privacy concerns. More detail regarding this case has not been shared till now. Soon we are going to provide you with some information regarding this case. So stay tuned to techballad.

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