Pokémon Go Plus+ Confirmed Release Date Out, What’s New?

The new Pokémon GO Plus+ attachment for Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sleep has been made public by The Pokémon Company. Here is the release date.

Fans were given a sneak preview of new content for both Pokémon GO and the eagerly anticipated Pokémon Sleep as part of the February 2023 Pokémon Day Pokémon Presents presentation. In addition to in-game content, a brand-new device called the Pokémon GO Plus+ is being developed.

The Pokémon GO Plus+ is demonstrated in the app’s introduction trailer as being paired with Pokémon Sleep to track a user’s sleep patterns. Users press the middle button to make a brief Pikachu sound before bed and again to make a sound when they wake up in the morning. The Pokémon Sleep app receives the measured data, after which it is transferred.

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Regarding Pokémon GO, players can use the Pokémon GO Plus+ to automatically spin PokéStops and throw Pokéballs to Pokémon without having to open their smartphone. Now, players can hurl Great Balls and Ultra Balls in addition to standard Pokéballs.

When be Will Pokémon GO Plus+ Available?

The Pokémon GO Plus+ device will be available starting on July 14, 2023, according to the most recent Pokémon Presents. Players can pre-order the attachment from the Nintendo store as of this writing for $54.99.

Pokémon Go Plus+ Confirmed Release Date
                                                   Pokémon Go Plus+ Confirmed Release Date

Players that link their Pokémon GO Plus+ accounts to Pokémon GO will get access to a Special Research activity that rewards them with an in-game encounter with a Snorlax wearing a nightcap.

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