Overwatch 2 Now Has a One Punch Man Skin for Soldier 76

After the announcement of the One Punch Man crossover with Overwatch 2, only Doomfist as Saitama was shown off. A second skin for the crossover event has been unveiled. When the One Punch Man crossover was announced, a Saitama-themed Doomfist skin was revealed, but it didn’t close the door for skins for any of the other series mainstays.

Popular Overwatch characters like Fubuki, Tatsumaki, and Genos could each get their own skin in the upcoming Overwatch 2. However, after the announcement of the One Punch Man crossover, Mumen Rider was shown for the first time. As the second skin is unveiled, Soldier 76 will transform into the C-class, two-wheeled saviour. This skin features a Soldier wearing the armour of Mumen Rider rather than his usual visor.

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Overwatch 2 Now Has One Punch Man Skin for Soldier 76
Overwatch 2 Now Has One Punch Man Skin for Soldier 76

Soldier 76 Gets Mumen Rider Skin in Overwatch 2?

It’s safe to say that Mumen Rider isn’t exactly a game-changer in One Punch Man. He’s a low-powered C-class hero that shows up early in the plot and isn’t hesitant to take on even the most formidable bad guys, despite the fact that he’s almost always outmatched.

Soldier 76, who embodies his steadfastness and devotion, will be available in Overwatch 2. Even though he’s wearing Mumen Rider’s plate armour and bright green riding helmet, the visor makes it clear that he is still Soldier 76.

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Watch The following tweet that has been made public by the official Overwatch account:

Alongside this news, it was also revealed that the Mumen Rider OPM skin will be available to earn in-game starting on March 7 and that any players who logged in before February 14 would receive the first five levels of the Battle Pass for free.

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