Destiny 2 Has No More Playable Content After Strand’s Release

Players of Destiny 2 have been waiting eagerly for Strand, the game’s newest subclass, ever since it was first announced. Some players of Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion were dissatisfied and underwhelmed by the expansion’s implementation of this feature.

Bungie said that getting Strand’s Aspects and Fragments wouldn’t be as tricky as getting Stasis in the Beyond Light add-on, and that was the case. While this is true to an extent, the technique taken by Bungie with the Darkness subclass makes it take longer than it should unlock all of the Strand abilities and Fragments.

The widespread lack of this Strand subtype is one of its primary drawbacks. Lightfall allows players to briefly employ the subclass, although these instances never exceed the surface level.

Unfortunately, the Strand subclass is locked until the Lightfall campaign is finished. This is a major bummer for many anticipating the subclass’s debut, which means they cannot fully enjoy it until the endgame. The temporary Strand areas of Lightfall rarely allow players to use the Aspects and Fragments of their subclasses.

Destiny 2 Has No More Playable Content After Strand's Release
Destiny 2 Has No More Playable Content After Strand’s Release

The Lightfall Strand Unlocks Two Aspects And One Fragment

Players only receive two Aspects when they finally access the Strand subclass. Other Light and Darkness subclasses have three or even four Aspects to mix and match within the two Aspect slots. However, this restriction only permits specific builds with no other options.

Compared to other subclasses that allow players more flexibility and creative freedom, the Strand subclass feels restrictive and is similar to Stasis at the debut. The few Exotic armors in Destiny 2 that perfectly synergize with Strand can be considered equal.

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Simply put, there aren’t enough resources for players to create a variety of exciting playstyles around Strand. The Fragments are another issue with the Strand subclass. Once the subclass is unlocked, players are only granted one fragment, and to unlock all of the pieces in Destiny 2, they must spend a lot of time accumulating Strand Meditations.

These Pieces were initially time-gated by Bungie, but in response to player feedback, the company made them all available for earning at any time. Thankfully, four Fragment slots are available thanks to each class’ Aspects, allowing for a decent amount of Fragment customization.

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Destiny 2’s Grapple Could Be More Reliable Due To Strand’s Cooldown

However, Strand’s grapple ability in Destiny 2 has also had its share of problems. Players that desire to regularly grapple for traversal outside of grappling-optimized locations with Many points to grapple to will find the cooldown too high when not in combat.

Destiny 2 Has No More Playable Content After Strand's Release
Destiny 2 Has No More Playable Content After Strand’s Release

It’s also possible for the grapple to be terminated prematurely owing to a fault or the environment’s geometry, sending players plummeting to their deaths or leaving them stuck in dangerous places. Because of these problems, using the ability for movement and fighting can feel clumsy and iffy.

The Strand subclass in Destiny 2 eventually disappoints players owing to its low availability, lack of customization possibilities, and annoying flaws with the grapple ability. The adjustments assist, but they are not enough to mitigate the fact that, while the subclass has the potential to be fascinating and distinctive, it now forces players to grind a lot to collect the Fragments and experiment with them to develop builds.

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If Bungie wants more players to appreciate the Strand subtype, it must fix these problems. With any luck, Bungie will bring more player feedback and make the required adjustments to the subclass to provide players with the quality of experience they deserve.

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