Overwatch 2 Dev Disappoints With Flashpoint Mode Launch

Last month, fans of Overwatch 2 finally received a look at a new game mode for the hero shooter, but Blizzard has already delivered bad news regarding the launch of the Flashpoint mode, which focuses on territory control. The new game mode was revealed for the first time in the Overwatch 2: Invasion trailer that debuted at the Xbox Games Showcase in June, giving players something to look forward to as the game’s next season approaches.

Since the original game was released in 2016, many fans believe that Overwatch 2 lacks a diverse selection of game modes, with players generally repeating the same few objectives in matches. The release of Overwatch 2 saw the addition of a single new game mode in the form of Push, however, this new map format has been received unfavorably by the game’s community.

Some fans view Push as a replacement for the Assault game mode that was completely removed from the sequel, despite the fact that Push’s mechanics are substantially different. Flashpoint appears to be a more accurate representation of Overwatch 2’s long-lost Assault mode, with this upcoming game mode tasked with securing a total of three critical positions across a map and pitting teams against one another in a battle for territory.

Overwatch 2 Dev Flashpoint Mode Launch

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During a Q&A live stream hosted by retired professional player Emongg, executive producer Jared Neuss recently broke some terrible news for the Flashpoint mode. During this stream, Neuss confirmed that the Flashpoint game mode will not be immediately accessible in competitive matches, stating that fans will have to “wait a little bit” before the mode becomes available in ranked play.

Neuss continues by stating, “It’s a brand-new mode, and we haven’t played it in scale with millions of people,” claiming that the decision to initially exclude it from competitive was made so that any potential bugs could be addressed before they effect players in ranked matches.

Given that Blizzard typically employs a similar practice by temporarily excluding newly-added Overwatch 2 heroes from competitive play for the same reason, this is not particularly startling. This also gives supporters time to learn how to play new characters before engaging in potentially high-stakes matches with them. Fans who want competitive play to feel innovative in Season 6 will be undoubtedly disappointed by this news.

As exciting as Flashpoint may be, many are cautiously optimistic about how it may play, with some Overwatch 2 fans concerned that the mode will repeat the errors made by Push mode. Fans have a lot to look forward to when Season 6 launches on August 15 thanks to the addition of yet another new hero, as well as the introduction of Overwatch 2’s first true PvE content.

The new Flashpoint mode is an important addition to Overwatch 2, and we’re anxious to hear your thoughts. Please leave your comments below and follow us on Twitter for more news and updates.

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