Square Enix Has Revealed $300 Pen to Commemorate Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary

In celebration of Final Fantasy’s 35th anniversary, a limited-edition pen has been released… for $300. Actually, you didn’t read that wrong. Yeah, Square Enix really did think that releasing a pen that costs as much as a Nintendo Switch was a good way to honor one of the biggest video game brands in the world. The obscenely costly Final Fantasy pen is pictured in all its splendor down below.

We can’t quite figure out how, but the pen seems to be based on Tidus from Final Fantasy X. Only 30 of the pens will ever be made, so if you know a wealthy Tidus fan who also happens to be a pen collector, you’d better get the word out fast.

Square Enix Has Revealed $300 Pen
Square Enix Has Revealed $300 Pen

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Glass Studio, a Japanese company, is responsible for making a beautiful pen. The pen section is glass, so if you write with a very firm hand, you might want to look elsewhere before dishing out $300.

You may learn every detail of the Final Fantasy pen by visiting the Parco website, which is fully in Japanese, and searching for “Parco Booster” pens.

Square Enix has already released other extremely pricey collector’s items, so this is not an anomaly.

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See below: The business announced the Final Fantasy 6 Masterline Terra statue in April of last year, and it looks great—until you see the jaw-dropping $13,799 price tag-

Square Enix, you should never alter. When Final Fantasy 16 is released in June, I hope there is a similarly ludicrous collector’s item floating around.

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