North Korea, US Envoys Engage In Rare Public Sparring At UN Meeting

Shocking: North Korea and US ambassadors have now engaged in a heated debate. They both have now gone into a debate at the UN Security Council over the spy satellite launch and also escalating the tensions in the region. US and North Korean envoys engaged in a rare public sparring at the meeting of the UN. This heated debate started between the ambassadors of both North Korea and the US on 27th November 2023, Monday. The news of this latest debate is currently in the spotlight and it is becoming very controversial. Now read this article till the end to learn about some details of this new heated debate between the ambassadors.

North Korea

The United Nations ambassadors of the United States and North Korea are now engaged in a very heated debate at the Security Council on 27th November 2023, Monday. There is a contentious discussion that is currently focused on North Korea’s recent launch of the first spy satellite and it is also escalating the tension in the region right now. It happened after an absence of six years, North Korea finally started sending envoys to the United Nations Security Council meetings concerning the nuclear and ballistic missile programs in July this year.

According to the source, the meeting happened to address the spy satellite launch which happened on 21st November 2023. At this meeting, the ambassador of North Korea, Kim Song, and the ambassador of the United States, Linda Thomas-Greenfield delivered some completely unexpected remarks. There are some engaging things in the back-and-forth exchange of the rights of reply at the council table. Every single representative asserted that both countries are acting defensively in the ongoing debate. Kim Song said to the council that one belligerent party, the United States is currently making threats to them with their nuclear weapon.

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Kim Jon added, that the legitimate right of the DPRK which is another belligerent party is now going to develop, test, manufacture, and possess weapons systems equivalent to what the United States is possessing and also going to develop it. DPRK stands for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea has currently facing United Nations sanctions for ballistic missile and nuclear programs since 2006. It has been claimed that these sanctions include the official prohibition on the development of ballistic missiles. As we all know the ballistic missile is a type of missile which is which uses a projectile motion that delivers the warheads to the target.

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