Dabur subsidiaries sued in US and Canada over alleged cancer-causing hair products

Breaking News: Recently, some consumers have sued Dabur subsidiaries in the United States and Canada over the alleged cancer-causing hair product. Their recent hair product is causing cancer, this has been claimed by officials. It has been revealed that multiple cases have been filed against the Dabus subsidiaries because they are doing a sale of a hair product that is causing cancer. This is a very serious case as selling these types of products is not safe for the public and the environment. Because of the products people are diagnosed with cancer. To learn everything regarding this case read this article at the end.


According to the source, many cases have been filed against the three Dabus subsidiaries in Canada and the United States. It has been claimed by consumers that the Dabur company’s hair products have caused ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. The three subsidiaries include Dabur International Ltd. (DINTL), Namaste Laboratories LLC (Namaste), and Dermoviva Skin Essentials Inc. (Dermoviva). All three subsidiaries are of Dabur India Limited. All three cases have been pleaded and it has been discovered in a very early stage of litigation. Right now almost 5,400 cases in the MDL with the names DINTL, Dermoviva, and Namaste. Read till last to know more.

All these subsidiaries have officially denied liability and they have retained counsel and are going to defend them in lawsuits that have allegations that are based on unsubstantiated and incomplete study. According to the experts, the Food and Drug Administration is officially thinking of banning hair straightening products that contain formaldehyde. It has been said that all these types of products are linked to hormones that are related to cancers and they cause very long-term adverse health effects. This news was shared by Fox Business on Tuesday.

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The United States drug regulator has also said that the agency is now thinking of banning hair products that contain formaldehyde chemicals like methylene glycol. These products are present in the training products. Because of these types of products, it causes a lot of health issues. It can irritate the eyes and through cough, chest pain, and wheezing, and it can also cause cancer. So always be aware of these types of products. These products can cause frequent headaches and asthma, and they can risk cancer in the uterus which is known as endometrial cancer. More information to be shared very soon.

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