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Nokia company is once again coming into the public eye due to the launch of its new phone. Recently Nokia company launched the Nokia Magic Max smartphone. As soon as this thing came on the internet, smartphone users started asking their questions. So that’s why in today’s article we have come up with answers to all your questions as you want to know whether the storage of the phone is good. What changes have come in the camera quality of the phone? What is going to be the price of the phone? Whether this phone can become a challenging phone for all smartphones or not. So let’s know what amazing features this phone can do about the Nokia Magic Max.

Nokia Magic Max

Nokia Magic Max News

First, comes the storage of the Nokia Magic Max phone. So in this user, you get 16 GB of RAM, 256 GB of 256 GB as well as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 Processor Chipset. You get more RAM of this phone than all other phones and it is only beneficial for you. You can store all your information, photos, videos, and even anything else easily. Talking about camera quality, in this phone, you get the dual camera on the back side which is 108MP + 13MP, if you talk about the front camera then you get the front side 32 MP resolution. Now you can easily take photos in good pixels.

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Talking about the screen size of the Nokia Magic Max phone, you get its screen size of 6.7 inches. With its help, you will be able to do movies or gaming easily on the big screen. Now it remains to be seen how much battery capacity you get from the phone. Nokia Magic Max has given its users a 5000 mAh battery pack, that too with the fastest charging option. After fully charging your phone, you can comfortably use it for the whole day.

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You get to see 2 colors in the Nokia Magic Max, the first color is everyone’s favorite, which is black, after that, you get the second color option white. Both the courses are very lovely. Now it depends on the users that which color the users like. Let’s talk about the price of the phone, The Nokia Magic Max phone will cost you Rs. 49990 may fall in the market price. This can become the best phone of the future because the company has taken full care of the concerns of the users in making a phone. Follow us for more updates.

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