Fact check: Did Doja Cat Deactivate Her Threads Account?

Nowadays, Threads is remaining the subject of wide discussion among everyone as just in a very short time of being released, it got huge users which shows how it attracts people. But amidst, all this quite shocking news is coming to the fore as Doja Cat a popular singer has deactivated her account from the app. Yes, you heard right, currently, Doja Cat is not using her Threads account as she has decided to maintain an arm’s distance from it. But now, the entire attention has been fetched by the reason behind taking such a step, you can explore the further information given below.

Doja Cat

As per the exclusive report or sources, Doja Cat was initially using the Threads and she appeared active quite often but spontaneously when she deactivated it, everyone got surprised because the Threads had already shared a guideline that if someone deactivates their account so their Instagram account will also be disabled. So, therefore, the Threads account can not be easy to deactivate or delete. But Doja Cat did this so perhaps there is a big reason because as far as we are concerned she would be familiar with the guidelines as well.

Why Doja Cat Deactivated Her Threads Account?

Reportedly, Pop Base confirmed the news officially while leaving the tweet in which they mentioned that Doja has deactivated her Threat account following back and forth with her admirers including calling them out for using “Kittenz” as a name of fandom and mentioning that she does not love them. After being collided with the tweet the hearts of her fans got shattered a bit as they had not even imagined that she could have shared something like this. Because fans are the only thing that makes someone popular and without their support no one can get fame.

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Even, a few of her admirers expressed their rage on social media after going through the statement she mentioned because it is a bit inappropriate to say certain things. You can also see the reactions as a strange flood surrounded the entire platforms which is a bit attention fetching and therefore, her non-fans are also curios to get the exact reason behind all this but till now they did not get the answer to their query as no statement is surfacing on the internet sites while leading the case.

Now, her admirers are waiting to get her statement of her on the actions why she deactivated her Threads account and thus, thousands of people are keeping their eyes on each activity of Doja Cat so that, they can come to know the things they are looking for. So here we have dropped certain things which have been fetched from significant sources and when something will come to us ahead we will update you for sure, stay tuned with us to know more, and do follow Techballad.

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