New to MLB The Show 23: Universal Designated Hitter and True Two-Way Players

This week, MLB The Show 23 hosted a 40-minute live stream to showcase some of the new content in the game. The webcast covered a variety of topics, including the game’s historically significant Negro Leagues Storylines mode, as well as the debut of several highly anticipated new features, such as universal DH and true two-way players.

The introduction of the universal designate hitter is one of the new rule changes that players and spectators alike have been anticipating with great anticipation. Even though the regulation was just adopted by the National League in April of last year (too late to be included in MLB The Show 22), it will still be present in this year’s installment.

“The MLB got the universal DH just last season, so now we got it in Diamond Dynasty as well,” senior technical designer Kyle Blake announced in the stream. “So any squad you play within Diamond Dynasty has a DH.”

New to MLB The Show 23
New to MLB The Show 23

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Additionally, it was revealed that the game’s two-way players would be receiving some attention for the upcoming iteration. Blake uses “the [two-way player] everybody knows, Shohei Ohtani” to illustrate that Ohtani can be a legitimate two-way player because the card features positions other than starting pitcher. Because of this, you may now use Ohtani and other pitchers who can also play other positions as designated hitters and as part of your starting rotation.

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If you’re curious about the gameplay of MLB The Show 23, you may see it below-

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Player suggestions also led to the addition of ranked co-op, which gives those who play with others the same opportunities to level up and acquire new items as those who play solo. “Everybody asked for it, “we want rewards in co-op. ” We heard it, we did it,” Blake explained.

After the live stream ended, a tech test for MLB The Show 23 began, giving players their first taste of the game’s new features and a lot more. The test will continue until February 21. The game will be available on March 28 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox One X.

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