Nepal in earthquake: 128 killed; PM Modi ‘deeply saddened’, offers help

In this article, we will talk about the Nepal earthquake news Live. Last night, Nepal suffered from a very heavy earthquake that took the lives of many people. Now India has come forward and released a helpline number for the residents who are seeking assistance. The recent earthquake in Nepal was very shocking and threatening. The earthquake was of approximately 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Nepal. The situation in Nepal after the massive shocking earthquake is very bad right now. Because of the earthquake, almost 128 people lost their lives. And also 100 people have gone injured. Now read this article till the end to know everything regarding this earthquake as we are sharing live updates in Nepal.


Nepal in earthquake

Last night and very horrific and heavy earthquake occurred in Nepal. Because of the earthquake, 128 people died and more than 100 people were injured. This has been recorded as the rescuer team searched mountain villages after a heavy earthquake occurred in Nepal. The earthquake was of 6.4 magnitude. It has been officially claimed by the officials that the toll is expected to grow more and the communication might get cut off in some areas in Nepal. The biggest shocking news is that the tremors of the Nepal earthquake have also been felt in the Delhi-NCR region. Last night Delhi felt a very earthquake as many houses went shook.

Currently, on social media, many people are sharing videos of the earthquake as they ran outside their houses as the tremors continued for more than 7 seconds. On 4th September 2023, Saturday at around 9:04 am, India released an emergency contact number for the Indian people who want help because of the earthquake which occurred in Nepal. This statement has been released on the official page of IndiaInNepal on Twitter (X). The emergency number is +977-9851316807. Scroll on to learn more.

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Some hours ago, the National Center for Seismology (NCS) Director Dr. OP Mishra said that the earthquake in Nepal was very shocking. The intensity of the earthquake was very high as it destroyed many things. But when the tremors of the earthquake arrived in New Delhi, India it got reduced. The magnitude of the earthquake was 6.4, THis earthquake did not kill any person in Delhi and thankfully the body was even injured in Delhi. Many buildings in Jajarkot have been damaged because of the earthquake. The Jajarkot Bheri region has shown up the extent a lot of damage after the earthquake occurred in Nepal.

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